Green Hope Kicks Off Countdown to Election Day


The GH Falcon Encouraging you to vote!

Lucas Moore, Staff Writer

In under 2 months, North Carolinians will cast their ballot for a President, a Senator, a Governor, school board members, and many more. Election day is November 3rd, and it’s important to get involved. AP Government teacher Michael Miragliuolo said, “I think it is extremely important for young people to get involved early.” The policies passed by our elected officials have an effect on us all, not just those who vote. Unfortunately, according to the US Election Project, the average voter turnout among those ages 18-29 is the lowest of all age groups.

How can I get involved?

“In terms of what students can do, it all starts with registering to vote and educating [yourself] on the issues/candidates,” Miragliuolo says. 

Anyone 18 years or older on election day is eligible to register to vote. Registration can be done by mailing a voter registration form to the NC Board of Elections, submitting an online application via the DMV, or when getting a driver’s license. The Board of Elections website has useful information on how to get registered, the deadline to do so in North Carolina being  October 9th.

Before election day, it’s important to get informed about who’s on the ballot and their positions. Miragliuolo recommends “talking and listening to people who have different perspectives than you do [which] can be very informative.” Information about candidates is public, so it’s easy to Google “governor candidates” and find out who is running and where they stand. It’s important to consider all of the candidates that are running, and take time to see the issues from all sides. “All Americans should keep an open mind,” Miragliuolo said.

Can’t Vote Yet? Volunteer Positions Available

There are more ways to get involved with the election than just voting, whether it be for a candidate or as a poll worker. Senior Austin Yao, who’s volunteered for councilwoman Ya Liu and events put on by the Chinese American Friendship Association (CAFA), said, “The easiest way to get involved is just through email.” Start by finding the contact information for a candidate’s campaign, local organization, or political party, then sending them an email offering to help. According to Yao, getting involved in politics “isn’t like hunting for a job… they’re always looking for help from anyone who can expand their voting base and all you have to do is send a nice email.” This may be a good way to get involved in the election even for those unable to vote.

There is also the option of being a poll worker, which is a paid volunteer position. Wake County needs over two thousand every year, and teens who are 17 by-election day are eligible. The Wake County website has more information about this opportunity.

The leaders that are elected in November will shape our society for years to come; we highly recommend and urge the Green Hope community to get involved if they can.