How To Hangout With Your Friends During COVID

How To Hangout With Your Friends During COVID

Ameena Farooqui, Emma Hamrick, and Annie Hu

In times like these COVID has been putting a damper on hanging out with friends. We’ve come up with various activities you can do with your friends both in person and virtually. Be sure to Tweet or DM us @theghfalcon what you’re doing!!

FaceTime Friends!

Facetime with Friends 

    The reality is because of COVID you can’t see your friends as much as you’d like too. This is why group Facetime is the perfect way to talk to your friends for hours. This is nothing new, but for sure growing in popularity because of the times. Have fun laughing away with friends and complaining about virtual school!

Go on a Drive

Even if covid wasn’t a thing this activity isn’t new to most. Driving around jamming out to your favorite tunes is the ultimate teenage vibe. Spill the gossip with your friends and even if you might be close to broke, be sure to grab some fast food. Remember to wear your mask even if it is a drive-through though!


Picnic Painting Date with Friends

Go to your local park, our personal favorite, Bond Park, and lay out on a picnic blanket with some snacks. Grab some paint along with brushes and paint away whatever you’d like.  Lay out in the warm sun and soak up some rays and relax. Be sure to have some good music to make the vibe immaculate!

Outdoor Movie Night

    Set out a projector on a sheet, in your backyard, and play a movie for your friends. Be sure to bring your favorite treats,some blankets and even an eno hammock if you have one. Let’s be honest though will you even be paying attention to the movie or talking the whole time? Quick Tip: to pick your movie ahead of time because that can take unnecessarily the longest! (especially if you and your friends are indecisive!)


Disposable Camera!

Photoshoot with Friends 

    Find fun places to go explore and take pics for memories to look back at in the future. Local parking decks, parks, and the street are a good place to start. Having a tough time with poses and spots? Be sure to check out pinterest boards online or even make your own! You could also run to the store and buy a disposable camera, because lets be honest they are the best!

Make Collaborative Playlists and Use the Group Session +6feature

For those lucky Spotify premium users, a new feature was recently introduced that allows you and your friends to join in on a group listening session by simply scanning a code. Anyone can queue up songs so just sit back and jam out to whatever songs you and your friends enjoy. Another option for both Apple Music and Spotify users is making collaborative playlists with your friends. You can create playlists with songs you think your friends would like or ones that remind you of them. Or you could just create playlists for different moods, like that amazing road trip you’re going to take after quarantine ends. This is also a great way to discover new songs or genres you never would have listened to before. After all, music brings people together, and these playlists can bring you and your friends closer together.

Work out with Friends

    Working out is not always the most fun or enjoyable activity to do, but one way to make it better is to do it with your friends! You can meet up together at Bond Park and take a run around the trails, FaceTime while doing a Chloe Ting workout, or even take a trip out to Hanging Rock to go hiking! Of course, make sure that you are following proper COVID safety precautions, and wear a mask if you are around other people! If you want any more ideas for eating healthy and staying fit during quarantine, keep an eye out for an upcoming article on that topic!


Quarantine Bucket list Game

    This is something fun that you can do with your friends without having to be with them physically. Get a few of your friends together in a FaceTime call, or something of the sorts, and share a google doc with everyone. Come up with a list of a bunch of different tasks, and assign point values. For example, take a video of you dancing in the middle of a grocery store, take a photo of yourself with a certain type of car, take a photo of another member of the group without them knowing, etc. Give the bucket list a time frame, etc. The game ends when the quarantine does. If you want to add some stakes to the game, set a prize for the winner OR a punishment for the loser.


Make Videos

    If you ever want to live out your dreams of being a Youtube star, you can always make vlogs about your daily life in quarantine and either send them to friends or post them on a private story on Snapchat. After all, watching vlogs about your friends’ days are so much more interesting than a random Youtuber. The vlogs do not even have to be that interesting, just talk about your breakfast or complain about your classes, basically just normal conversations you would have with your friends either way. This way, not only do you stay updated with what’s happening with your friends, but also get to see their lovely faces and hear their voices too. 

    Video montages are another fun and creative way to stay connected with your friends. Just take video clips of your friends both before and during quarantine, and put them together on iMovie with a cute song in the background. Then you have a beautiful video commemorating happy moments between you and your friends. 


Netflix Party

Netflix party is a Chrome extension that allows a bunch of people to watch the same show or movie on Netflix at the same time. There is a chat box on the side to allow everyone to talk to each other while you are watching Netflix, but you can always hop on a call together so you can verbally talk instead. It’s a really fun way to do something with your friends without having to physically be with each other.


Play Online Games

Online games aren’t a new thing for a lot of people, but it’s an amazing way to do something fun with your friends. There are hundreds of games out there that allow you to play with a group of people online, a few examples would be, Among Us, Jackbox, Town of Salem, Psych, etc.