New Bubble Tea Store in Town- Brecotea Review- Competition Just Got Higher!

September 15, 2020

On October 29, 2019, The GH Falcon reviewed a brand new bubble tea store in town, Boba Baba. Since then, popularity of the drink grew more than thought possible, as crowds of lines formed at local as well as chain stores to try the traditional Taiwanese drink. Hopping onto the bandwagon, Brecotea Baking Studio, opened up a new store and we gladly jumped at the opportunity to try it!

Seemingly a bit worried as we observed some of Brecotea’s reviews on Yelp, with an average 3 out of 5 star rating, both of us came with low, but hopeful expectations. While we were blown away by the size and layout of the store, the gorgeous and plentiful seating area, scrumptious looking pastries, and plethora of pretty menu items to choose from, the taste of the drinks and food were a little less impressive.

The Perfect Location for Tea with the Ladies or a Date with Your SO: 

Boba Baba may be convenient for High Schoolers wanting to stop by during lunch or afterschool, while Brecotea is a further distance at 7 miles and approximately 16 minutes away from Green Hope High. Although a longer distance, we believe that the extra 10 minute drive is worthwhile, especially if you’re with friends as you can pass time jamming out to your favorite songs. Located on Kildaire Farm Road by Duck Donuts and Trader Joes, we were pleased at how easy it was to find. The location is definitely a plus as the modern-style building offers its own private setting away from the bustling of cars and crowds. It reminded Maddy of La Madeleine, a once-open French Cafe by Cary Towne Center, because of the refreshing, clean and inviting feel the store offered. We noted a couple of tables for outdoor seating, each with their own shaded umbrella, spaced out enough to keep proper social distancing protocol, amazing for any sunny day. We also saw couples sipping their tea and smiling at one another as they conversed comfortably about their life. What a great date spot! 

Brecotea is located at 1144 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary, NC 27511 from 8am-10pm Monday to Thursday & Sunday and till 12 on Friday and Saturday

Want to Impress International Visitors? 

This store is the second one to open in the franchise, with the first being in Richmond, Virginia. With around 135 different menu options to choose from, you’re able to eat and drink to your heart’s desire! This is one of the few Bubble Tea stores that actually serves more than just drinks and we were happily surprised by the multitude of choices. Not only are there specialty flavors such as the Avocado Cream Tea, options for fruit addicts like the Crystal Pearl Orange with Grapefruit Tea, classic Coffee choices, sugary yet delicious Milkshakes, but also an assortment of unique teas for anyone’s taste. Along with these are AUTHENTIC bubble teas like the Brown Boba Sugar Milk. If you’re feeling adventurous, we’d recommend the Orchid Oolong Milk Tea, Purple Potato Matcha Milk Tea, or Birthday Cake Shake. Freshly made with stunning presentation, the drinks will WOW any visitors from abroad. Such a range!  

Pastries, Baked Goods, and Freshly Made Treats

Warning for indecisive personalities: Just like the drinks, Brecotea has an abundance of options when it comes to pastries and desserts to choose from. Their asian-inspired pastries are very different from the normal bakery with treats such as pineapple cake, pork floss and scallion buns, chicken curry donuts, and honey danishes. Delicious breads are stocked and displayed in the middle of the cafe as shown in the pictures and customers can find sweet goodies like sliced cakes, crepes, and puffs. These are all freshly made in store and restocked by the hour. There’s also an ice cream cart as well as a fridge compartment with more store-bought drinks to choose from. Maddy tried the Rose Mille Crepe, which was very floral but pretty light as well as their Peach Fizz Drink which she loved!

Dress Up To Study! 

Are you looking for a place to study where you can feel fancy and put together? BrecoTea is the spot for you! Not only is this cafe open for dine-in with safety procedures followed effectively and put into seating everywhere, but it’s also such a cute place to study whether it be alone or in a group. The aesthetics are exceptional and match the other modern-looking interior designs such as the bright white sign on the wall that says “Explore Sweeter Life @ Brecotea”. There’s a variety of booths and tables to choose from with extremely comfortable cushioning. We also noted an extra room to the side with even more seating in a more enclosed and quiet area. More than once, we watched customers walk-in fully glammed out in their Sunday Best Dresses and sparkly jewelry. We also saw International Students in their adorable skirts and iconic fashion statements. However, there were also casually dressed locals coming in for a quick refresher. Additionally, there were quite a few foreigners- or at least people more comfortable speaking in a different language than English- we sat nearby a couple of French women and also picked up conversations in Mandarin and Korean. Our honest advice for any teenage boy looking to find a cute girlfriend is to visit Brecotea. On the day we went, there were so many high school gals that stopped by to chit-chat and hang out with their friends. The wifi was a bit slow, but free, which we appreciated.  Diversity was present throughout and we didn’t think the cafe was catered towards a specific audience besides those willing to pay an extra buck or two for drinks and snacks. 

Unfortunately, Looks are NOT Everything

While Brecotea has exceptional aesthetics especially when compared to other bubble tea stores in the town, we would say their menu items are hit-or-miss. Maddy’s mom tried the hot classic milk tea and she enjoyed the drink itself, but not the tapioca balls that were inside it. Tae also got the same drink and wasn’t a fan of the bubbles but thought the tea was fine. This seemed to be a consistent review from other customers, as one from Yelp noted, “the taste of the boba coupled with the price tag just doesn’t cut it for me.” Her mom, a native Taiwanese, was also disappointed at the pastries which she critiqued, “This would not sell in Danshui (town she grew up in). It has no good smell. Looks bland.” Similarly, other customers recommended people should visit different stores, “Go to Grandasia or HMart for the bakery items. Milk lab for the bubble tea.” In contrast, Maddy found nothing wrong with the Crystal Pearl Orange & Grapefruit Tea she ordered and actually was quite refreshed by it. On her visit with Tae, she had gotten the Krazy Kookie Dough ice-cream which was perfectly sweet with just the right amounts of cookie dough. 

On the Friday afternoon we went, we were lucky to not have hit the crowd. However, customers have noticed the line can get pretty long as well as disorganized. There were complaints about the customer service, but we saw the opposite as we thought all the employees were super sweet and patient! During our time, we enjoyed chit-chatting together about school and loved the atmosphere that the store provided. We will say that Brecotea is in for some competition though, especially when the new Cha House opens two minutes away from them. 

Our Final Opinions 

When it comes to overall looks and offered seating area, Brecotea is definitely in for the win. The cafe has lots of potential and with improvement in flavors and wait times, we hope it’s able to gain popularity and stay in town for the long run. Both of us give the store a final rating of 7/10. We’ll be going back again!    

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New Bubble Tea Store in Town- Brecotea Review- Competition Just Got Higher!