Chadwick Boseman Memorial


Kavya Kolindala, Staff Writer

Revolutionary actor, Chadwick Boseman, passed away on August 28th due to complications with colon cancer. After battling with it for four years, and keeping it majorly private from the public press, it came as a shock to millions of people globally to hear that the king himself had died. Throughout his lifetime, he made an undefeatable reputation, his career starting in 2013 when he landed the iconic role of Jackie Robinson in the biopic 24. From there, he took part in many culturally moving projects, his versatility and skill changing the film industry as a whole. As much as he changed the world, he also took Green Hope’s diverse community by the heart. 


    Chadwick Boseman led a life with purpose and reputation, there’s no doubt about it. Although he’s passed, the legendary movements he pushed will always remain in our hearts, and even continues now. The actor spent years motivating Black Americans throughout the globe, and providing support and hope to young cancer patients without giving away his own condition. To get an idea of how much he truly impacted us as students and people at Green Hope itself, we spoke to students Samarrah Taylor and Mikela Robinson regarding Chadwick’s work. “My favorite parts of Chadwick Boseman’s work would have to be how in character he always in and puts in all his movies.” said Samarrah, when asked what she felt was her personal favorite part about his legacy. Chadwick Boseman took part in many films and projects that encouraged the idea of power through unity and acceptance, such as Black Panther and Da 5 Bloods. Especially through times of oppression, this was a message that was well represented throughout his career. “I do because, this generation will stop at nothing until every oppressive system is taken down and everyone is treated equally.” Mikela told me, when asked if she believed that social injustice would get better with time. Family was an important message spread through Chadwick’s films, constantly seen in his roles and what he spoke about during interviews and more. “Chadwick’s biggest impact was Black Panther, he showed that anything is possible and to love and care about other people’s feelings. To always put family first no matter what. He will forever be missed Wakanda Forever…” Samarrah said, in response to the actor’s biggest impact. 


    As well as shining hope through tough times for many children and adults, Chadwick provided inspiration and motivation to many. I asked Mikela how he personally affected her as a human. “His role as Jackie Robinson made me want to be athletic honestly. It’s silly because at the time I didn’t even like doing sports but watching him made me want to do it. His role as Jackie Robinson also showed me that I should ‘go for it!’ even if some people don’t want me to. His role in Black Panther taught me the importance of family and having people to love. Wakanda had never been colonized so seeing a country (although it is fictional) that has not been robbed of its culture and traditions was also satisfying to see because it gives me an idea of what could have been if that was the case for all the countries in Africa.” she said, highlighting how important it is to recognize global cultures. “His roles impressed me so much that I even would follow what he was doing work wise. I would watch his interviews and listen to the way he talks about equal opportunity and creating stories for black people and creating stories with black people. His activism through art inspired me to keep making art as well and tell my story as well as making stories for others in hopes of inspiring someone.” Boseman was a very recognized storyteller throughout communities, for shedding light on positivity and inspiring people of all colors to do what they wanted to do in life, regardless of who shot them down.  


    Watching Chadwick’s impact on the world blossom was a beautiful experience. He used the powerful platforms he held to spread messages of positivity, family, and cultural recognition to fight tough times as a global community rather than individuals. He inspired many people throughout the world, as well as students in the Green Hope community. He will forever be remembered as the reputed, powerful man he was, and the numerous contributions he made will never be forgotten. Boseman taught us that there’s a hero in all of us, and anyone we can make a change, no matter who we are. We just need to find the courage to speak our hearts. Wakanda Forever.