Student Work Overload


Too much work could be damaging on students health.

Lorelei Zagacki

It has come to the attention of the student body and families at Green Hope that there is a work overload for online classes. In many classes, students feel overwhelmed and have discussed their concerns with teachers and staff regarding the amount of classwork, quizzes, and tests. School administration has sent surveys asking students if they feel that they should have a day during the week that is “non-live” to spend time on unfinished work. For many students, this is beneficial but others used the time to restore mental health and decompress from schoolwork and screen time.

I reached out to a Green Hope student, who also has a part-time job, about how much work he receives and how it affects his mental health. He responded, “Over the past few weeks, I have had at least two to three assignments due along with either two quizzes a week followed by a test the next week. I began the day off with just catching up on sleep and my mental health than later focusing on work I had due.” 

A Facebook group for GHHS Moms also expressed concerns regarding their children’s mental health and ability to sustain such a rigorous school work schedule.  Many are hoping that the school will consider scheduling changes to balance the workload. Based on recent communication with families during a Zoom PTA meeting, the administration is aware of the situation at hand. Within the Wake County Board of Education guidelines, school staff is working to accommodate everyone’s needs during this challenging time.

As a Green Hope student myself, the best thing I can do is pace myself and try my best to get ahead of the work before it is due. I spend Friday through Saturday on my mental health and social life. On Sundays, I work to get ahead of schedule and check to see if I have unfinished work to complete. Until we know for sure that we have a specific day off to work on assignments, remember to pay attention and inform your teachers if you are having issues or feeling overwhelmed.