How to Take Advantage of Your Free Time During Quarantine


Samir Tusneem, Writer

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Wake County students have been eager to get back into school to see their friends, play sports, and resume club activities, but being at home has restricted students from doing these things, and has given them a lot of free time that they can take advantage of. All of this extra time provides a great opportunity for students to expand their extracurriculars by doing something new and unique, and it also gives them the chance to do something that they never had the time to do before. With that being said, here is a list of ways that you can take advantage of the extra free time you have during remote learning.

Find New Activities

One of the biggest challenges during this pandemic is the inability to proceed with club activities, sports, and volunteer work. However, there are many alternatives to these activities that can help students stay in touch with their hobbies and interests without having to compromise their safety to do so.


Students who are heavily involved in clubs are having to surpass many obstacles in continuing their club activities from home. As many clubs are uncertain about how they will hold meetings and activities during this time, it is important to stay in touch with their bridges of communication, such as social media, Google Classrooms, and you can always email the club administrator for more information on how to stay updated. As of right now, clubs are waiting for approval to resume club activities. Until then, it is in your best interest to contact the club supervisor and ask them for details regarding their projection for future activities.


A great way to find temporary replacements for sports is by finding activities that can help you improve the skills you are always needing to work on. For example, learning to play ping-pong can be a great alternative for people who play tennis as it helps maintain the hand-eye coordination as well as the strategic infrastructure. For students who are track and field or cross country athletes, they can consider jump roping as an alternative cardiovascular exercise as it helps burn calories at a quick rate and builds endurance and lower-body strength. For basketball players, you can consider finding a nearby basketball court if you do not have a basketball hoop at your house, or you can work on exercises that help you stay physically active to prevent burn-out. Overall, there are multiple ways to stay in touch with your physique during quarantine, it just requires a little creativity and exploration!


For students who are having a hard time finding volunteering activities amidst the pandemic, there are many forms of service that you can pursue to avoid having to set your enjoyment in volunteering aside. Funnily enough, one form of volunteering that has become essential during the stay at home culture of Covid is raising awareness for the need of community outreach. In terms of actually finding opportunities to help assist those who are in need during the pandemic, it is a good idea to scavenge for local organizations that are looking for volunteers that can help distribute food and supplies to those who don’t have the resources to stay safe. For those who can drive, a great service to consider is picking up groceries for those who are at higher risk of catching the virus and don’t feel safe going to the grocery store to buy their food and supplies. For information on how you can find volunteering opportunities amid the Covid-19 pandemic, visit


Do Something That You Previously Never Had the Time to do!


Before the world shut down, plenty of students had their schedules completely packed with academics and extracurricular activities. Because of this, they never really had the time to try something spontaneous and new. The pandemic has practically cleared up many students’ schedules and provided them the free time to explore and try something different. Whether it is something small and simple, or something large and extraordinary, you may learn something special and impactful.


One of the most significant and rewarding things to do is learning a new language. If there is a country that you have always dreamed of visiting, it may be in your best interest to learn all about their culture and language ahead of time to fully understand and connect with the identity of the people there. Many apps such as DuoLingo and Rosetta Stone have made it easy for people to learn how to read, write, speak, and comprehend different languages. The long term benefits of learning a new language are continuous, such as the extra edge it gives you to obtain your dream job and the benefits it has to your cognitive abilities. 


Another great activity to consider doing something spontaneous, such as going on a hike. Hiking is without a doubt one of the most physically and mentally beneficial activities to do. Allowing you to explore nature and its wildlife, hiking also provides numerous health benefits such as clearing stress, improving endurance, lowering blood pressure, and more. Whether you choose to tag along a couple of friends and/or family members to go on the adventure with you, hiking is a spontaneous and impactful experience. If all goes well, you may even consider camping out!


An additional thing to consider is learning a new skill. There have probably been some things you wish you knew how to do. There is certainly a broad range of skills that you can learn, some being learning how to code, learning how to write calligraphy, entrepreneurship, how to paint, how to bake/cook, and more. With many of the everyday activities being put on hold, students now have more time than ever to consider learning a new skill. It is also in their best interest to look for a class or club within their school that is centered around these skills to further their learning.


Start a Non-Profit Organization


There are certainly many issues that need to be addressed around the world, and there are multiple ways for students to get involved and make a change. Something for students to consider would be creating a non-profit organization designated to helping those in need. Whether it’s an issue on the local scale or an issue on the global scale, students can consider using their knowledge and skills to help positively impact the world. Some students may want to design, produce, and sell products to raise money for those who are struggling in terms of safety and poverty. However, it is important to note that nonprofits require knowledge in the fields of marketing and demographic analysis, so having someone who is experienced in these fields on your team can certainly help.


Create a Website and Spread Awareness


One of the most accessible and easiest ways for students to help impact the world and spread awareness of a problem is by creating a website or social media account dedicated to informing others about problems that you feel passionate about. Website creators such as Google Sites, Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace make it easy for students to create and organize websites that are attractive and easy to navigate. Another great idea to consider to bring attention to your website is by expanding to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Being able to reach out to different audiences can help your website attract more attention and recognition.


With many of us being stuck at home, we find ourselves having more free time than ever before, but no idea what to do with it. Being in quarantine is a great opportunity to finally do some of the things you have always wanted to do, but have never had the time to do before. It is all about taking the time to explore your options and be creative, and to maybe even try something completely different. Doing so can certainly teach us many lessons, and maybe even help us discover new hobbies.