Innovative Teacher’s 100% Effective Way to Get All Cameras On

Innovative Teacher’s 100% Effective Way to Get All Cameras On

Lucas Moore, Staff Writer

Teachers in this time have felt like they’re shouting into the void, but some teachers are taking action to incentivize the use of cameras. One AP Human Geography teacher, who declined to be named in this piece, came up with a brilliant solution to this problem. His innovative solution has led to almost complete participation, and 98% of his students say that he’s their favorite teacher. 

“Oh, the class is very boring. I almost fall asleep every day, but if I do then we might not get the prize,” one of his students said.

Every day, he opens class by presenting a challenge to his students. If at least 95% of them turn their cameras on, they get a prize. These prizes can range from a shorter class period to points back on a test, and even sometimes money!

“The longer we hold out [with our cameras off], the better the prize gets,” another student told us.

One day, students remained silent with their cameras off for 50 minutes of the hour-long period and ended up with the hefty sum of $10 each. Some Human Geography classes are on Unit 3, whereas this one is still midway through Unit 1. Some students are concerned about how they’re going to do on the final exam or AP exam, but others aren’t worried at all. 

“I’m sure we’ll get some points on the final exam later on, and by the end, we’ll probably have enough money to pay for black market AP exam answers! I can’t wait for the insane GPA boost coming up,” one happy student said. 

When we asked the teacher about his perspective, he told us that he’s excited to see participation but that he’s quickly running low on money. To help support his tactic, he has a GoFundMe that can be found here.