GH Students & What They Miss


Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

It’s undeniably a strange school year, to say the least, and many, including all of us from the GH Falcon, miss our normal life. We all suggested a strategy for all of our student body to feel united, we’d discuss all the nuances of life and Green Hope that we miss. We took it to our trusty Instagram, as most of our life is now digital, to gather your responses. 

These students miss: 

  • “ Meeting new people! (at school)” – Ashlyn Dumaw ‘21
  • “Seeing movies with the squad.” -Kyle Grant ‘22
  • “I really miss people.” – Niveditha Iyengar ‘22
  • “Concerts!!!”- Ava Wei ‘22
  • “School.” – Siyona Shah ‘21
  • “Going on trips. I also miss Massachusetts and seeing my grandparents.” – Lyla Sullivan ‘22
  • “Movie theaters.” – Jack York ‘21
  • “Concerts!” – Maggie Bowersox ‘22
  • “The embrace of others.” – Evan Zhang ‘22
  • “Visiting family members from different states or countries.” – Katerina Dimov ‘23
  • “I miss the mindset people had pre-COVID like not being so worried about being near other people and being terrified of getting sick or hugging someone. It’s really sad to see how different things are now and I miss seeing people’s smiles.” – Lauren Summerville ‘22
  • “The NC State Fair.” – Tae Wan Park ‘21
  • “Traveling!” – Maddie Shockley ‘22
  • “Eating at restaurants.” – Annie Hu ‘21
  • “I miss traveling (especially going to Morocco!)  And I miss all my family because none of them live nearby! I also miss when everyone wasn’t worrying about getting sick. And I even miss the fun parts of school and making memories with everyone. The list goes on really,”- Reem Fayyad ‘22
  • “Football games!” – Kelsie Hudgins ‘21
  • “Hanging out with my best friend every day.” – Kavya Ramanavar ‘22
  • “Human interaction & not staring at my computer screen the entire day!” – Yutika Aggarwal ‘21
  • “I miss going to the movies.” – Ava Coe ‘22 
  • “Football games and not having to wear a mask everywhere.” -Megan Kostova ‘22


Clearly, there’s a lot of maskless things we miss. In short, a pandemic and shutdown of all our normal businesses, institutions, and customs can really make one grateful for everything we have. Asking everyone what we miss before this “new normal” was super important to us at GH Falcon to check up on our peers and fellow students- we certainly miss you all! We encourage you not to reminisce too dearly or miserably about pre-COVID life, try to stay optimistic, and remember we all as Green Hope students miss life pre-COVID but, it’s always a great day to be a falcon!