Travis Scott Meal & Charli Drink Review


The Charli Drink from Dunkin’ Donuts

These past couple of years have seen a noticeable increase in the amount of influence that many social media and artistic personalities have in corporate America. Take for example the many video game streamers and players that were invited to talk shows such as  “Ninja” or the online concert Marshmello first held in the game Fortnite. It has proven that branding a product isn’t just reserved for the prestige of just professional athletes, but rather entertainment can be a leading force in selling a product or garnering hype. Speaking of this, we decided to try some of these influencer inspired products, such as Dunkin’ Donuts ‘Charli Drink’, and the Travis Scott meal from McDonald’s.


Emma’s review on “The Charli”

As someone who isn’t a huge fan of coffee, I was a little hesitant to try Charli’s new specialty drink at Dunkin’. “The Charli” is an iced cold brew drink with three pumps of caramel and whole milk. When I tried this, I went into it expecting it to be really sweet, but really strong. My first impression of “The Charli” was something that happened before I even tasted it. I went onto the Dunkin’ app to order the drink so that I could add extra milk since I didn’t want it to be too strong for me to drink. However, there was no option to alter the drink in any way. You could only choose the size of the drink, and the amount of ice. Right off of the bat I was disappointed, although I knew it was a specialty drink, I was very surprised that you couldn’t alter the amount of milk or sweetener. But, now on to an actual review of “The Charli”. As I expected, the cold brew in the drink made it really strong, but the sweetness of the caramel was a nice counterbalance to the bitterness of the cold brew. I liked it at first, but the more I drank, the less I liked how strong it was. I couldn’t bring myself to waste the coffee I had spent good money on. So, when I got back home from Dunkin’ I added a bit more milk and tried it again. I liked it much more after diluting the cold brew, and ended up drinking the whole thing.

In my opinion, even though the drink is good, it is way overhyped”

— Emma

, because all in all this really is just an iced coffee with caramel. You could have ordered this drink at any point in time, all they really did was slap Charlis’ name on it for publicity. Although the drink is overhyped, it is not overpriced. To my surprise, the price of “The Charli” is exactly the same as a regular iced cold brew, which is different from many other celebrity collaborations. In the end, the taste of the drink was exactly what I expected it to be. But, for me, the negatives of “The Charli” outweigh the positives. In the future, if I were to want a cold brew with caramel, I would just order the regular one, so that I could alter the contents of the drink to my liking. But, for anyone who likes strong, sweet coffee, “The Charli” is the drink for you.


Annie and Ameena’s review on “The Charli”


Both Annie and Ameena in our team happily volunteered to try “The Charli” and their reaction to “The Charli” were slightly different. Annie’s reaction was overall very positive. She was surprised that it was an actual cold brew instead of it being sugary as she expected because of its popularity. She thought it was worth the hype and would even probably get one again. On the other hand, Ameena’s reaction to the first taste of “The Charli” was completely opposite than Annie’s. Ameena thought that it was very overhyped as she felt that it was just a caramel iced coffee. 


Tae’s review on the “Travis Scott Meal”

When it comes to choosing a fast food restaurant to get a time and money-convenient yet good meal, McDonald’s was always my last choice. I’d always choose to get Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, or Cookout instead. However, being on Tik Tok and seeing the trends has hooked me to go to McDonald’s instead of any other fast food restaurants to try a new menu called “Travis Scott Meal,” aka “Travvy Patty.” 


The Travis Scott meal is only $6; consisting of a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese and bacon, fries with barbeque sauce, and sprite. However, controversial to the advertisement of its cheap price of $6, few local McDonald’s claimed that the price had been raised to $10. So I recommend bringing extra money just in case. 


My reaction to the first bite of the Travis Scott burger was completely different than many people’s reaction on Tik Tok with “it’s lit!” (Travis Scott’s iconic exhilaration sound). For me, the downturn was that it was very much indifferent from the original. The

The Travis Scott burger was nothing more than an original Quarter Pounder with some bacon.”

— Taewan

Travis Scott burger was nothing more than an original Quarter Pounder with some bacon. Even for the fries, nothing was different except the idea of using barbeque sauce as a dip. I quickly realized how trends in such social media platforms like Tik Tok can influence the selling of a product just like Travis Scott meal. McDonald’s hasn’t done much to the original Quarter Pounder meal but have Travis Scott collaborate with them and naming it “Travis Scott Meal.” Nothing more than that. Yet, their selling of this product skyrocketed as many were influenced to try it from the trend. 


Although there were disappointments from the high expectation I had from the hype that the trend suggested, the burger tasted good. Trying fries with barbeque sauce also was unexpectedly good. In conclusion, I think that Travis Scott meal definitely could be accounted as a time-and-money-convenient meal especially for Quarter Pounder lovers out there. If you like Travis Scott and McDonald’s, this meal is a perfect choice to just add a little more flavor to your original Quarter Pounder. 



Looking back at the reviews we’ve given, it seems that not much is really done to make the products themselves feel original or special to those they’re dedicated to, and are rather a small variant to an already existing option. Though there have been some noticeable standouts to how an influencer has modified something, such as the event in Fortnite that was also held by Travis Scott, in which he even debuted a new song he was working on, showing how far entertainment mediums have come to be functioning successfully in unison with global corporations.