Top 4 Chinese Restaurants In Cary

Jason Rong, Staff Writer

  Here are my Top 4 Chinese food Restaurants In Cary! 


Taipei 101

Location: 121 E Chatham St, Cary, NC 27511 

Price: $$

My Rating: 9/10 


Taipei 101 is arguably one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Cary. This Cary restaurant serves large portions of food; if you ever decide to eat at Taipei 101, you don’t have to worry about not getting enough food; or that you’re paying too much money for a small quantity of food. Now that I’ve addressed howTaipei serves; let’s talk about the quality of the cuisine; An important question I had to ask myself while tasting Taipei 101, quantity over quality? After munching I quickly came to the consensus, the quality of food is pretty good. It’s not going to shock you, but it’s decent-classic tastes that are enough to satisfy you. My personal favorite is the soup dumplings; if you are going to Taipei 101, I recommend ordering the soup dumplings, I can promise you that they’re more addicting than McDonald’s chicken nuggets; those soup dumplings are amazing! My final thoughts on the restaurant-in order to dine at Taipei, don’t forget to bring your mask, no mask, no dumplings. 



So Hot

Location: 1937, High House Rd, Cary, NC, 27519 

Price: $$ 

My Rating: 8/10 

We can’t forget about Hot Pot when we’re talking about our favorite Chinese food. But, before we get into the restaurant So Hot, let’s go through a quick lesson on Hot Pot. For those of you who don’t know what a Hot Pot is, a Hot Pot is one of the most popular dishes across China; it consists of raw ingredients such as thinly sliced lamb, fish balls, and shrimp. You dip them in a boiling broth, and they’ll be ready and hopefully, delicious in less than 30 seconds. Over at Hot Pot  they can serve you at lighting speed; before you finish chewing your meat, the vegetable you put in 15 seconds ago is ready! Now that you know what a hot pot is; let’s talk about the restaurant (aptly titled) So Hot; So Hot is the best and the only hot pot restaurant in Cary. If you are a fan of the delicious Hot Pot, you must take a trip to So Hot! The best thing about So Hot is the many food selections; So Hot serves a variety of foods, ranging from tofu to fish cake. The restaurant also has all the ingredients you need to enjoy a hot pot; some of them are especially hard to find in grocery stores. Be sure to check it out!


China # 1 

Location: 3667 Southwest Cary Parkway 

Price: $ 

My Rating: 9/10 

China #1 is actually the first Cary Chinese restaurant that I ever experienced. I moved to Cary and went to China #1 on the same day! (This place feels nostalgic to me when I think about moving here!) China #1 is probably the fastest Chinese food place on this list and if you ever decide to eat at China #1, you don’t have to worry about a long waiting time for your food. The food comes out of the kitchen at lightning speed! With this, if you’re hungry and you just want something quick, China #1 is a great place to go. The food that I would recommend is chow mein; China #1 has a very delectable chow mein. Roast Pork Chow Mein is my personal favorite. As of right now due to COVID, you can only order food from China #1 online via their website. Hopefully soon with social-distancing, you can eat freakishly quick and for a great price!


Super Wok

Location: 1401 SE Maynard Rd L, Cary, NC 27511

Price: $

My Rating: 9/10

Super Wok serves large portions of food at a small price. (Yay!!!) However, don’t let the inexpensive nature of the restaurant fool you, the food quality is actually excellent! Super Wok is both affordable and delicious. (The perfect combination) The staff of Super Wok is super helpful; they promptly ask you if you have any food allergies and take that into consideration when recommending you their food!  I think as a staff, they’re very detailed and responsible. I guess you can say that Super Wok staff is super woked about what they’re doing, aha! 


Notable Mention – Quickly 

Location: 4141 Davis Dr. Morrisville

Quickly is a great bubble tea place in Morrisville, near Cary. But Quickly serves Chinese food as well;  to be honest, I’d rather eat Chinese foods at Quickly than anywhere else; I rather eat at Quickly than any other Chinese restaurant I mentioned on this list, but that’s just my personal preference. Honorable mention as I recommend all of you to invest in trying just one delicious boba drink.


Keep in mind my taste is totally subjective but if you’re interested in some fine Chinese dining, try out these 4 places all in the Cary-Morrisville area give my suggestions a try!