A Look Ahead At The 2020 NBA Offseason


Keith Allison

After a disappointing 2020 Playoff run could Giannis be out in 2021

Davis Cuffe, Sports Editor

Even with an unconventional NBA season, the NBA offseason is still sure to be jam-packed with moves that should shake up the league as we know it. Last year we saw moves that lead teams to great success and great failure. For example, last year we saw the Lakers trade for Anthony Davis which allowed them to move up from a lottery team with a top-five pick to becoming the 2020 NBA Finals Champions. While every team will most definitely be making some moves, here are four teams to look out for. 


#1 The Golden State Warriors


Your 2015, 2017, and 2018 NBA Finals Champions ladies and gentlemen. Also the possessor of the 2nd overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. While this team has the pick of a rebuilding team, there’s simply no way this team enters that process. This roster still has two superstars in Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, but both are almost 31 years old. Even Draymond Green, the glue guy, and a key piece of this team throughout the last five years just turned 30 this year. This team has already talked about moving that 2nd overall pick for another star and there have even been whispers of trading Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green. Don´t be surprised if the Warriors return to contention in 2021. 

Possible Trade:

  • Warriors send 2nd overall pick in 2020 to Jazz for C Rudy Gobert


#2 The Philadelphia 76ers


After years of disappointing ¨super teams¨ the Sixers are in a tough spot. The 76ers had three players set to make over twenty-five million dollars in 2020, these three supermax players resulted in a first-round sweep this year from the Boston Celtics. Fortunately, the Sixers have no cap space to make any more poorly advised signings and will need to trade if they wish to make any roster improvements. This team simply has no choice but to trade to make roster improvements, and with a trade happy GM in Elgin Baylor, we´re sure to see a few from this dysfunctional Sixers organization. 

Possible Trades:

  • 76ers send C Al Horford to Kings for SG Buddy Hield
  • 76ers send PG Ben Simmons, 21st overall pick in 2020 to Rockets for SG James Harden


#3 The New Orleans Pelicans 


The Pelicans went into the 2020 NBA season with high hopes, after a trainwreck of a 2019 season they managed to land the #1 pick in the 2019 draft and selected Zion Williamson, possibly the most hyped-up prospect since Lebron James. The Pelicans offseason wasn´t over after the draft though as they traded superstar Anthony Davis for a huge package of players including All-Star Brandon Ingram, 2017 2nd overall pick Lonzo Ball and what seemed like a dozen first-round picks. Unfortunately for the Pelicans, they were met with setbacks that held them from the playoffs including injuries to Zion Williamson and Jrue Holiday. After a disappointing 2020 season, the Pelicans are back in the draft lottery and have the 13th overall pick. In August when the Pelicans were eliminated from playoff contention they stated that they would be making ¨major roster changes¨ and held true to that statement after already firing HC Alvin Gentry.  Look for the Pelicans to really shake things up this offseason. 

Possible Trade:

  • Pelicans send SG Nickiel Alexander-Walker, 13th overall pick in 2020, SG Josh Hart to Wizards for SG Bradley Beal



#4 The Milwaukee Bucks 


Going into the 2020 NBA Playoffs the Milwaukee Bucks were one of the favorites to win a ring. They had the best record in the league at 56-17 and the leagues MVP in 2019 and 2020 with Giannis Antetokounmpo. This team looked like a juggernaut coming into the playoffs. Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat had other plans and knocked out the Bucks in five games in a dominant fashion. This loss left Giannis upset and the future in question. The Bucks had sent off a lot of their young pieces and draft picks for this playoff run and put all the chips on the table this year. With Giannis´s free agency looming in 2021 the Bucks will have to make a move to keep the 26-year-old superstar on the roster.

Possible Trade: 

  • Bucks send 2021 1st round pick, SG Donte DiVincenzo to Thunder for SG Dennis Schröder
  • Find any way to get rid of Eric Bledsoe


#5 The Oklahoma City Thunder 


NBA fans have to give it to the OKC Thunder, they went above and beyond expectations in 2020. After pretty much trading the whole team the Thunder looked like a lottery team but through a huge bounceback year from Chris Paul and unexpected contributions from Dennis Schröder and Luguentz Dort, the Thunder made the playoffs as a six seed. Now with an aging Chris Paul and Danilo Gallinari a free agent the Thunder has to choose to either stay competitive or start to tank for the future. The Thunder have six first-round picks in the next three years and with young talents like Luguentz Dort and Shai Gillegous-Alexander so I think they lean towards tanking. The Thunder are sure to be making franchise-changing decisions this offseason and as alluded to in the Bucks portion of this article, that’s sure to come with some trades.

Possible Trade: 

  • Thunder send PG Chris Paul to Mavericks for the 18th overall pick in 2020


The NBA draft is just around the corner and with free agency kicking off just days later NBA fans will have more news than they can handle. Be sure to tune into the Falcon news feed as there are sure to be articles filling you in. Enjoy your basketball!