Falcons Favorite Tunes-October Edition!

Ellie Hamashima and Shea McIntyre

Eeeeek! We’re back! This month we introduce some more of our falcons’ favorite tunes! Whether you like country or rap, listen to fellow students’ song picks for this month in all grades 9-12.

Until spooky season has terminated…

Special shoutout to all the students who shared their special songs with us for October! 

Happy listening!

  • Won’t Bite: Recommended by Jamila Washington, Freshman

Artist: Doja Cat

Album: Hot Pink

Released: 2019

Genre: R&B/Soul

  • Friends on the Other Side: Recommended by Reiden Khan, Freshman

Artist: Thomas Sanders

Album: Friends on the Other Side (Disney Villain Mash-Up)

Released: 2019

Genre: Pop

  • Bubblegum B****: Recommended by Kai Crowe, Freshman

Artist: MARINA

Album: Electra Heart

Released: 2012

Genre: Pop

  • Cocky Af: Recommended by Nick Kleoudis, Sophomore

Artist: Megan Thee Stallion

Album: Tina Snow

Released: 2018

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

  • Ghost Town: Recommended by Amber Frailey, Sophomore

Artist: Kanye West ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Album: ye

Released: 2018

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

  • Circumambient: Recommended by Michael Sanda, Sophomore

Artist: Grimes

Album: Visions

Released: 2012

Genres: Alternative/Indie, Electropop

  • Heartache Medication: Recommended by Kyle Gregory, Junior

Artist: Jon Pardi

Album: Heartache Medication

Released: 2019

Genre: Country

  • Right Down the Line Recommended By: Ava Coe, Junior

Artist: Gerry Rafferty

Album: City to City

Released: 1978

Genre: Rock

  • WAP: Recommended by Jordyn Beynon, Senior

Artist: Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion


Released: 2020

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

  • Better: Recommended by Spencer Cline, Senior

Artist: Zayn Malik

Album: Better

Released: 2020

Genre: Pop

If you want your song featured in the next November playlist, contact us on our “Contact Us”  Tab with your tune’s info.