Rocking that Chanel Mask!

A New Fashion Trend of Our Generation

When there is a sign of uncertainty and apprehension for 2020, the anxiety about the spread of COVID 19, it is an operative mask and a fashionable mask. If history looks back at the year 2020, our future generation can see the bright or white and blue rectangles hiding the mouth and nose that will turn everyone into a quiet pelican. Mask has been an accidental theme on everyone’s minds and faces. It comes from need and cares for people everywhere. They were safety, security against disease and waste, unity, outrage, bigotry, a theme in fashion, and pandemic now. “It is something which hides but also communicates fascinating explanations for being quite context-related,” says Christos Lynteris, Medical Anthropologist of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. 

Masks are now being encouraged for everyone – between medical needs and the statement of mode, whether conscious or not. The opportunities are felt by designers, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Although we should start asking what they mean if we have to wear any of them. 

Vogue has written a report last week on Masks to Buy Today, and nearly every day there is another brand revealing masks or an ancient brand pivoting to them. Last week, it’s been written. Tie-dye masks are now present. Bathing suits with masks of silk, denim, polyester, elastane.

It is no wonder that fashion still notices it with regard to products which means recognition and sensing. For the past three years, designer face masks have been sold by brands including off-white, Plam Angeles, and Fendi. As part of her message that her body is her own, Gucci made wear for Billie Eilish with all her Gucci eyes at the Grammys. Today, a couple of months back, famous men and models began sharing photos of COVID 19 and stuff happening around the world with their masks. 

For example, brands such as Collina Strada have rendered headstock masks and added tie-dye designs overtop. The company offers 5 masks for medical staff in New York City with every purchase. Brands such as the Redesign have begun to design their advertising images with masks to complement their floral masks.

Along with veils, tiaras, and dazzling neckwear, married brides have attached masks to their wedding accessories during the coronavirus pandemic. On websites such as Etsy, top wedding designers and artists launched a host of masks specifically designed for couples and their associates. Some dresses and suits complement while most have something blue. Masks are monogrammed, hand-woven or silk-made. Couples buy them and get them as engagement presents for themselves. “Mask was at first thought of as a surgical product, but as it grew into our new standard, we got a large number of messages asking us if we were able to make them,” says a London-based bridal designer, Hermione de Paula. “We thought it was really important to help our consumers find a cure for the day when they feel most beautiful.”

The mask has come to be such that in 2019, in terms of usability and coolness of the 21st century, Italian digital zine described it as “The true must-have accessory.” In the recent pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, facial masks were worn to symbolize political affirmations and security. 

The inclination of the mask, dependent on artistic necessities, in any way, is unavoidable. It also seems improbable that in the past years we will see the same patterns, but it is a piece of cloth that most people will wear, and this is a mask.