Trees are an important part of our ecosystem!

The Importance of Trees

Trees are extremely important to the well being of the planet. They provide oxygen, regulate soil, and store carbon, all in one big plant! They also give us access to lumber, and resources such as sap and rubber. As the longest surviving species on Earth, they give us insight into the past, present, and even the future. 

But regardless of all this, trees are slowly dying out. All around the planet, deforestation, drought, and disease are ravaging the tree population, killing them off one by one. We cannot live without trees, so it’s wise to stop this while we can. 



  • During an average year, Americans consume about 85,000,000 tons of paper, rounding to 680 pounds per citizen. A household will throw away about 13,000 sheets of paper every year, most of that being junk mail and packaging. We can reduce our paper usage greatly, just with a few simple steps! 
  • Use e-documents, and read e-books instead of traditional paper! We can use devices for our daily tasks, like writing down shopping lists or sending an email instead of using a piece of paper. 
  • Don’t print anything! Try to use your phone to view documents, if you can. If you have to print something, try to use both sides of the paper, rather than using multiple sheets. 
  • Compost your paper! Compost is a great way to use excess paper, instead of throwing it away. This can help create rich soil for plants, beneficial for the land! 


  • One tree can do a lot for the environment, which is extremely important to fighting issues such as climate change and global warming. 
  • Planting trees can help prevent soil erosion and runoff, as well as numerous other things for the environment! 
  • It’s really easy to plant a tree, so gather your family and give it a try. Planting a tree can make the air cleaner around your house, and can also increase the property value. It also attracts forest friends and critters, who can be fun to watch! 


  • This may not seem as important, but when hiking and trekking outdoors, be sure to stay on the trail that’s marked for people to use. 
  • There are many effects of soil compaction and erosion that can occur when you stray off the footpath. It can be fun, but it’s not wise. It’s up to us to preserve wilderness for future generations and minimize our impact on the environment.


  • It’s important to stay on top of the news! Reading the news and latest updates about climate change, deforestation, and trees can help give us an understanding of what we can do as individuals, and encourage others to do the same. 
  • It’s not hopeless! We can save the planet – we just have to be brave, and put our focus and hearts into it, one seed at a time.