Seniors’ Constant Talk of College Applications Causes Undue Sophomore Stress



College applications are often a cause of stress near the end of high school.

Lucas Moore, Staff Writer

College applications are something seniors undertake as they move towards the end of their high school career, and they also happen to be a great conversation topic. In mixed-grade classes, many upperclassmen can’t help but talk about applications every chance they get. “All [the seniors] look so incredibly tired as they lament the application process,” one sophomore told us. 


The constant discussion of applications has caused some sophomores undue panic. A sophomore named Kevin Jenson told us,“I can’t focus on my classes because I’m just stressing over applying to UNC in 2 years!” Kevin’s focus on applying has caused a dramatic decrease in grades, so much so that (if he were to check PowerSchool) his collegiate hopes are facing danger. An example of this is his English grade, where he hasn’t been writing anything for the class – instead choosing to spend hours drafting his common application essays which he doesn’t even have the prompts for yet. Additionally, Kevin has been getting under 4 hours of sleep every night as he stays up into the early morning doing the best he can to prepare. “Welcome to the club,” a senior friend of Kevin said.


When we reached out to UNC for comment on the situation, they told us they were unaware of Kevin’s interest in applying but upon us reaching out had preemptively denied him for poor time management and decision-making skills.