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Final Checklist for College Applications: Are You Missing Anything?

October 22, 2020

This 15th of October marked the end of one of the stressful eras for many of GH Seniors as UNC-Chapel Hill’s early action deadline was met. The college application process is famously known to be one of the most stressful and pressuring times during the school year especially for seniors as they have to handle the school work along with being productive on the application. For this reason, many high school students chose to start early on with their college application to have enough time to write solid essays and to be ready for any materials that your dream colleges might require. 

However, not everyone might be feeling confident about their place in the stressful path of the college application. Some might still be trying to meet the standardized test scores that their dream colleges require, some might be behind in writing the personal essays, some might be feeling behind, and some might be just stressed and anxious in any part of the college application process. 

For anyone feeling this way, here is a short and simple list of final checklists that you could take a glance at to check yourself on where you are at in the college application process. Even if you’re not a senior just yet, this list could be helpful for you to be mindful of what you will be doing for your dream college.


Finalize gathered information 

  • Finalize gathered information for your safe, match, and reach schools if you haven’t already, for early action deadlines are in a few weeks or have already passed (for UNC Chapel Hill). Reflecting and reconsidering for schools that you’re applying to is a good idea as well. Consider more factors such as student demographics and settings of campus as well as a closer look into the cost of tuition, living expenses, and housing if applicable. 


Recommendation letters

  • Recommendation letters are an essential part of the application process to show your character to your colleges along with essays. As this process takes time and communication between you and your teacher(s), make sure to ask your teacher(s) to write you a college recommendation early to give them enough time for a solid letter. Also, if you have already asked for a recommendation from your teacher and worried that they might not be able to complete by the deadline you’re trying to meet, don’t worry because their deadline for recommendation is different from yours. So you can still submit your application without it.


Transcript request through CFNC

  • If you’re applying to In-state schools such as NCSU and UNCs, request your transcript to be sent through CFNC. This simple process could be done easily without taking much of valuable time on the Application Hub of the CFNC website. 


Submit FAFSA

  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a form to fill out to receive federal student aid for your school depending on eligibility. As the submission opened on October 1st and it is a first come first serve base, consider this as a priority for it if you haven’t submitted already. Green Hope is offering appointments with financial aid counselors for any questions or concerns you have as well.


Review your Essays

  • Revising and editing are just as important as writing the essay. Making any necessary corrections for grammar and spelling mistakes, proofreading, adjusting to the word limits (usually 650 words for personal essay) are all essential before submitting your finalized essay. Having a few close friends, family members, and teachers to read over your essay and give their feedback could be helpful as well but not always necessary as it is your own personal essay.


Finally, double-check your applications

  • Make sure all of the information you put in is accurate and up to date. Read through all of the application processes and make sure that there are no more blanks to fill in and no more information to put in. In particular, check for consistencies and important details such as scores and honors. Make sure that they are very accurate for at worst, the admissions officer might suspect for validity and at best be confused. 


Lastly, although the college application process is very overwhelming and stressful, try not to be too worried. Being concerned would not affect the chance of acceptance. Give yourself a few breaks in between to relieve some stress, and most importantly, if you’re feeling behind or pressured, here’s a reminder that everyone is running their race at their own pace and no one is late nor early, but very much on time within their race in life. So hit that “submit” button when you are ready.


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Final Checklist for College Applications: Are You Missing Anything?