BeyondDreams: A Student-Led Organization That Strives For Student Success

This is the logo for, and all credit of this image is owed to them.

This is the logo for, and all credit of this image is owed to them.

Samir Tusneem, Writer

The question, “What do you plan to do after high school”, has been a source of dread for many high schoolers, but with the work of Benjamin Yan, this question may have just gotten easier to answer. Ben, a junior at Green Hope High School, created an organization by the name of BeyondDreams that provides students with the resources they need to help plan out their future.


Ben created BeyondDreams in the August of 2020, as a way to address what he felt were gaps in the educational system, stating, “I founded BeyondDreams because through my own personal experiences and my statistical findings, I recognized that formal secondary school education in the US does not teach the necessary skills to prepare students for maturity and career development.” He also found that these gaps often left many students clueless as to their next steps after high school,  “At the end of their high school careers, oftentimes students have no idea which college they may go to, what to major in, or where they want their careers to be headed in.” Ben knew that in order for students to have a smooth transition with their leap of faith into life after high school, they needed to have the resources to help them understand what they should expect in the following years. 


As far as these resources go, BeyondDreams offers a variety of tools that students can use to help make their transition into their future endeavors easier. The organization provides tools such as blogs, tutoring classes, and webinars that help teach students about collegiate guidance and admission tips. When asked about the quality of these resources, Ben stated,

“Our tutors are qualified and vastly passionate in their respective subjects to give students the best learning experience. Our bloggers are written by authors and experienced writers who are determined to fulfill our organization’s goals…” Looking at BeyondDreams current track record, the confidence Ben puts in his staff appears to be well placed.


The organization has so far held webinars with highly esteemed guest speakers such as deans, admission officers, and students from highly prestigious schools such as UCLA, Princeton, University of Chicago, Harvard, and many more. These webinars consist of Q&A (question and answer) sessions in which students can submit inquiries and curiosities they would like to be addressed and have them answered by experts in the corresponding field. For students who are more curious about campus life, virtual tours from schools such as Reed College and Tulane University have been held in order to give students a more insightful perspective on what college campuses are like. 


For those in need of volunteering opportunities, BeyondDreams is currently looking for people who are willing to dedicate their time to helping the organization continue its services. Students can apply for various roles within the organization, with positions that range from helping it expand and promoting events, to other responsibilities such as blogging or hosting webinars and meetings. For more information on how to get involved, visit for a list of available volunteering positions and event dates.

It goes without saying that the future of this world relies on the students of today to inspire, invent, and further educate future generations. My mission is to brighten the world of tomorrow by paving the success for the students of today.”

— Ben Yan

With the stress of college application deadlines and the urgent need of figuring out what students want to do for the rest of their lives, there is no doubt that they might feel lost in terms of where to go for guidance and how to make the right decisions regarding their future. Picking a college to further their education relies on multiple factors, including the programs offered there and knowing which campus feels right for you. With the number of resources being limited to find guidance to these aspects, BeyondDreams provides the resources students need to help find answers and candid advice from experts within the collegiate field.