Club Feature: Film Club


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Films of all genres pictured to encapsulate the versatility and diversity found in GH Film Club!

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

GHHS Film Club wants YOU! 

Club representative, Erza Satici, on behalf of the club wants “to put film club out there for more students to join, in the past years I’ve noticed that only people in the same friend circle know about this club. It’ll be nice to see fresh new faces and people of all grades!”

About The Club:

– In film club we choose monthly themes and watch designated 3 movies related to the theme, and during meetings we discuss them. 

– “We have monthly Google Meet meetings on Thursdays, our next meeting is on November 19th at 10:30am!” – President Satici

– Remind code: @b47d47 

– Google Classroom Code: ybwrork

– The wonderful teacher adviser is Mr. Sharpe to contact him, his email is [email protected]

– Other important officers to notify for information are as follows: President Erza Satici, Vice President Havish Shirumalla, and Club Moderator Tanner York!

How To Join:

To join is simple, attend the next upcoming meeting! To maintain a member however, you shouldn’t consecutively miss meetings unless you’ve contacted an officer/board member regarding your absence. 

-The meeting icon with the link to attend meetings will be located on the banner of the Google Classroom so go join! 


Upcoming Meeting: Thursday November 19th.