Returning to School: Where’s the Soap?



As schools reopen, there are concerns that there will be a shortage of bathroom supplies.

Lucas Moore, Staff Writer

Hygiene is an important factor in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, and as schools reopen many are concerned with how the notoriously unhygienic facilities will cope. WCPSS has committed to installing hand sanitizer stations in every classroom, but there are other concerns as well. “I’m betting the bathrooms will be out of soap within two days,” one student reported.


Soap isn’t the only commodity that tends to be missing from school bathrooms; other worrisome supplies include paper towels, toilet paper, and stall locks. With health officials recommending more than ever that students should thoroughly wash their hands before lunch, there’s bound to be a sharp increase in usage of these. Fortunately, some students are taking it upon themselves to help with the situation. “To do my part, I’m not going to wash my hands after I use the bathroom at school,” one junior told us under condition of anonymity. Other students have pledged the same, and others are going a step further by refraining from using toilet paper as well.


Some especially enterprising students are also looking to make some money, one telling us that he’s going to “snatch the rolls of TP and resell them to the highest bidder.” When we asked district officials for comment on this, they told us they are planning to “secure the toilet paper to the stall using some sort of lock going through the roll.” The effectiveness of this solution has yet to be determined. 


There are bound to be issues with the return to in-person learning, but the selflessness and problem-solving ability of Green Hope students should be able to overcome anything that’s thrown their way.