Club Feature: GH Book Club


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Join GHHS Book Club! Upcoming Meeting this Friday, October 30th @10:30am!

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

Are you a bookworm? Do you want to meet fellow friends who cuddle up to their favorite dystopian novel? Want to get an extracurricular checked off your resume?

Join GHHS’ Book Club!

President Erza Satici, Vice President Csilla Nagy, and Secretary Jackie Stelmack want to clear the misconceptions about the club,“many people think we have specific books to read in a limited time period, but that’s not true at all!” These literature lovers  really want some new members not strict rules for the new school year!


About the Club:

– “In book club we choose a genre for every month, and task members to bring a piece of writing to the meetings they’ve found relating to the genre, and share it with other members. We will review, discuss, recommend, and rate them! It’ll be a super fun time for book lovers :)” -Satici

– “We encourage reading any sort of writing from novels to webcomics! We will accept all kinds of pieces with no limits!!” – President Satici

– The club meets bimonthly on Fridays, the next meeting is this Friday October 30th!

– Remind Code: @e6e4d9a 

– Google Classroom Code: aea35xn

– Our advisers are Ms. Yates ([email protected]) and Ms. Dry ([email protected])

How To Join:

– Joining the club is simple but because we meet bimonthly we encourage members to attend at least one meeting per month! According to President Satici, “If a member misses the meetings of a whole month, then we as a board will reach out to them, asking if they’re still interested in being a member or not etc.”


Upcoming Meeting: October 30th @ 10:30am via Google Meet.