Spooky Stories- “The Ghost of the Auditorium”


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Spooky Story, “The Ghost of the Auditorium” by our very own staff writer, Emma!

Emma Hamrick, Staff Writer

Before our school existed there was another Green Hope High School. It was built in the 1920’s when Cary was still a small farming town. But, it burnt down years later due to unknown causes. According to the news reports the building was empty, but some say otherwise. Supposedly, there was a casualty in the Green Hope fire. A young girl had snuck out of her house and into the school to play by herself on the stage of the auditorium. But when the school caught fire, she was trapped. Remnants of the auditorium from the old Green Hope are displayed at the current Green Hope in a memorial of sorts, but it’s those artifacts that supposedly brought her to the school. The ghost of the young girl comes out to play whenever she thinks that she is alone. They say that if you enter the auditorium alone, completely silent, not a light to be found, you can find her. A faint giggle in the distance, footsteps creaking across the catwalk above your head, or random spotlights flickering on stage… That’s how you know she is there.
When I first heard of the ghost of the auditorium, I thought it was a story made up by the theatre program to entice people into coming to their halloween production. But, then one day I forgot my sweatshirt in the auditorium. When I first stepped foot into the room I noticed something was off. The lights flickered off, and I didn’t think anyone was with me, but then I heard noises. The sound of footsteps tapped lightly across the catwalk, along with a quiet, eerie humming. I called out into the room, and turned on my phone flashlight, hoping to be met with another student. But there was no one. I ran to where I had been sitting earlier in the day to grab my sweatshirt, but it was gone. That’s when I heard a soft, yet devious, giggle paired with hurried movements that were fading into the depths of the auditorium. I bolted for the door, completely forgetting about my sweatshirt.
For weeks I searched the auditorium and looked in lost and found bins, but I was never able to find my missing sweatshirt. I thought back to the devious chuckle I heard that day, and I knew. But, I couldn’t blame her… It does get really cold in the auditorium.