Spooky Stories- “Kelly”


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Spooky Story by our very own staff writer, Lorelei!

Lorelei Zagacki, Staff Writer

A parent’s worst fear is losing a child, but never knowing the answer as to what happened hurts them the most. It started with Kelly. She was a sweet girl only 10 years old. She disappeared on a cool December morning while walking to school. Many believe she was murdered, while others believe she is still out there. There were many sightings of Kelly from all over, but those leads never seemed to go anywhere. For years her case lay on a shelf in the local police department waiting to be solved. Her parents begged the public to help find her but no one had an answer to their prayers. 
Only 2 years after Kelly disappeared, a little boy whose name was Tommy was abducted from the local supermarket. He was only 8. His parents pleaded with the police but the officers could only do so much. One night in late July, Tommy’s parents were sitting in their living room watching his favorite sit-com TV show when they heard a tap on the window. His mother immediately stood up while his father sat staring wide-eyed. His mother ran to the window only able to see a faint shadow of a little girl walking away. She ran outside calling for the little girl. It wasn’t until she called her by her name “Kelly?!?” that the ghost-like girl appeared. 
Tommy’s mother screamed in horror. There Kelly stood right in front of her however, she was weeping. Kelly muttered four words to Tommy’s mother, “He’s never coming back.” Then like a flash Kelly was gone. Tommy’s father who had witnessed the whole thing ran to his wife calming her from what they both had just heard. The police had no answers for either of the families due to no new physical evidence being brought to light.
The next December another little boy went missing. His name was Cam. Cam was 13 years old the day he disappeared while playing hide and seek with his friends. After reporting him missing all his parents could do was wait for answers. That night there were two taps on their window. Both parents ran outside. There stood a boy and a girl. They were weeping when they muttered four words to his parents. “He’s never coming back.” Then, they were gone. Cam’s parents ran to where the children were standing but nothing was there. The police couldn’t do anything due to a lack of physical or tangible evidence. 
Children began to disappear in the quaint little town all the time. Families began to move out while others stayed hoping their sons or daughters would return home. For every child that went missing more families seemed to receive faint taps on their windows while a group of children would stand outside only with the words “They’re never coming back.” This was the case for many years until one year it all stopped. Police discovered a tree hole 10 miles from the town’s neighborhood park. In that tree hole, they found Kelly. By then she wasn’t the sweet breathing Kelly everyone knew. It was just what was left of her. After they found Kelly no more families received a tap on their window and no more missing children were ever spotted. So many questions were left unanswered and it would remain that way forever.