How to Plan Foco (Fake-Homecoming) Safely

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

When I reflect on my first semester of sophomore year last fall, I definitely wouldn’t have predicted the rest of the year I’d spend communicating with my teachers and taking all my tests via laptop. Before the crisis, most of my first semester sophomore year I devoted an existential amount of time reading my AP Human Geography textbook, awaiting the day my braces would be taken off and wondering if sophomores would be allowed to go to our school’s “Fall Ball” that was set for November 9th 2019. Now, I wish I could be that pondering, naive tenth grader again who didn’t receive chin-pimples because of a nationwide mask mandate. But, this conspicuous jealousy I have for my tenth-grade self (who didn’t yet apply hand sanitizer at every waking hour) doesn’t mean I won’t get all dolled up in a special homecoming ensemble (including a mask and possibly some gloves), take socially-distant pictures with my friends, and dance to some bops despite the strange, very virtual year it’s been.

I’ve provided a step-by-step tutorial in having a successful “Foco” also known as Fake-Homecoming. Along with keeping it COVID friendly for fellow students to safely enjoy. Although I can’t travel back in time to last fall where we all froze in dresses and suits not thinking anything of hugging or posing closely to friends, I can encourage a safe alternative way to partake in homecoming… with some COVID-19 constraints. 


Included are images of class of 2021 seniors and their safe (while still being fun) foco experience (masks not pictured, but present and encouraged). 



Step 1: Outfits.

A dress, pantsuit, or suit makes or breaks a night of dancing and with our abnormal situation currently, tackling a global pandemic, a new garment has been added and required for students to rock this Foco season: masks. Whether you’re into the classic light-blue mask or into custom more personalized face-coverings, these accessories will be imperative to a safe and successful Foco. 


Seniors celebrating homecoming a little different this year.
(AK Bowersox ’21)

Step 2: Pictures. 

The only current tactic to post your amazing outfit for fellow students of your Foco experience as we all live on our devices these days is taking pictures. Whether that be, iPhone, Polaroid, or Disposable, take pictures of these wonderful memories! Whether you’re actually on the non-existent homecoming court or not, we’re all queens and kings at Foco, so take pictures like one! There are a plethora of “6-feet” “mask-on” or “quarantine fit” captions to fit your photo! Just remember, the internet is a pretty permanent place and your digital footprint follows so whatever you post, be careful!

Step 3: The Group.

Although it’s not totally important who you attend your faux-homecoming with, be sure to follow COVID procedures in not inviting too many people to accompany you for a night of a makeshift highschool ritual. As GH Falcons, let’s take into account the current pandemic while managing to have a dancing-full night. I’d normally advise you to invite as many friends as possible but due to our situation, the more might not be the merrier and rather, the sicker more coronavirus riskier. With that, stay safe with your foco dates!

Take notice of the seniors’ small-group of only close friends which abides to all capacity related rules in the current pandemic. If you’re planning to celebrate Foco, I highly recommend this is done with a smaller group (like seen above) to avoid spreading COVID or glamourising the detriment of our health at this time.

Step 4: Dancing.

Arguably the most important step: dancing. Let loose people! Although we’re in very unfortunate, abnormal times, make your foco one to remember. Meaning, bust out your fresh quarantine moves- which may involve a popular app TikTok and all the wild tricks and dances it has now taught me and many others. & If you struggle in finding a good song to fit the mood of the homecoming night just put on our favorite, “Corona Time” tune to fit all your modified-homecoming needs.


Other than those significant steps to lead you to a safe and successful night, I hope you, regardless of the lack of normalcy in this new homecoming, have a night to remember! 

Submit your Foco pics to us and the GH Talon to be featured for your awesome looks!

Happy Foco to all and to all a good, makeshift, mask-wearing night!