JUNIORS: Apply To North Carolina Governor’s School!

Official logo for North Carolina's Gov School!

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Official logo for North Carolina’s Gov School!

Emma Hamrick, Staff Writer

Every year thousands of students hope to be one of the few hundred selected to attend the prestigious Governor’s School of North Carolina. It is a five and a half week program for gifted high school students looking to further their education. The Governor’s’ School of North Carolina is more commonly referred to with a shortened name: Gov School. Within this program there are a plethora of disciplines available, including, english, mathematics, french, spanish, dance, art, choral music, instrumental music (both band and orchestra), natural science, social science, and theatre; but applicants may only apply for one discipline. Along with having multiple disciplines, Gov School also has two separate campuses. Gov School East and Gov School West. The location changes every once in a while, but last year (before being cancelled because of the pandemic) Gov School East was to be held at Meredith College and Gov School West at High Point University. Most of the disciplines previously mentioned are offered at both campuses, but there are a few that are specific to each school. Both french and band are restricted to Gov School East, while spanish and orchestra are only offered at Gov School West. In general, Gov School is restricted to rising seniors, but for some of the arts programs, rising juniors can attend as well. Gov School is an amazing opportunity to not only further your education in your chosen discipline, but to explore others as well. The Governor’s’ School program allocates time for students to learn about the other disciplines, and see what they have to offer. 

Many people who have gone to the North Carolina Governor’s’ School have said that it changed their lives. Whether it be making lifelong friends, learning invaluable lessons, or just having an unforgettable summer, Gov School makes an impact on all of its attendees. Aryaman Bana, a GH senior who attended the summer program last year for instrumental music, said, “Gov School taught me to look at the world in a different way. I was in the Instrumental Music discipline, but we didn’t perform in conventional ways. Rather, we were introduced to new ways of approaching music… More than a year after Gov School I continue to look at the world through different lenses, hoping to gain a better understanding of all that surrounds me.”

The application deadline for this year is upon us, which means most of the upperclassmen have missed out on the opportunity. But those of you who are underclassmen have next year or the year after to apply. It really is an amazing program, that not only provides you with amazing experiences, but it also looks great on college applications. Aryaman Bana said it best, “If you’re on the fence about applying to Gov School, definitely go for it! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, from which you’ll be able to further your interests in a certain field, challenge yourself, and make lifelong memories and friends. Good luck to those who are applying! I wish you all the best!”