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“Modeling the Future” the club’s slogan and mindset!

Samir Tusneem, Staff Writer

Do you love math? Do you want to go further than class projects and tests? Do you want to make an AI system one day? 


Join Green Hope High School’s Math Modeling Club!


Who is Welcome to Join?

Anyone is welcome to join, and there are no requirements! If you are interested in math, computer science, research, business, or the intersections of those areas, Math Modeling Club is for you! This club will enable you to learn more about buzzing technology trends like Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and smart technologies!


About the Club

“Math Modeling Club was founded to allow members to learn more about applied math, computer science, and writing for research,” stated Chuhan Ouyang, the President of Math Modeling Club. 


In this club, you will be able to:

  • Study advanced algorithms
  • Explore related technological fields such as AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science.
  • Use a variety of tools like Excel, Matlab, R, and Python so you can work on your programming skills as well
  • Join a forum of curious students to ask math modeling questions and discuss interesting concepts.


Opportunities and Plans

“We will hold workshops to train members to participate in prestigious math modeling competitions such as HiMCM (High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling) and the M3 Challenge where they can form teams and win medals, stated President Chuhan. 


“Last year, we had two teams that won top prizes in HiMCM, and Green Hope was second in the state. We also had teams that placed 10th internationally in the AoCMM competition. With these competitions, you can research solutions using math models you develop yourself and write a stunning paper! Our meetings would either be research paper writing workshops, new algorithms introduction, or technological topic discussions.”


How to Join/Contact Info

If you are interested in joining Math Modeling Club, fill out this google form:


Follow Math Modeling Club on Instagram:






[email protected]



Text @ghmathmod to 81010

Meetings will take place every Monday, with the next one being on December 14, 2020.