Partying + COVID = NO!


Partying + COVID = NO! Read the thoughts of GHHS students and alumni on what’s “selfish” and what’s “fine”.

Lorelei Zagacki, Staff Writer

During COVID-19, society has been quarantined, socially distanced, and under public lockdown. However, this has not stopped high school and college students from partying, even at the expense of others safety. Many videos and pictures have surfaced on social media of parties with no social distancing and no use of masks with large group gatherings of 15 people or more. These images and video clips have only exacerbated the growing question of whether people should still be allowed to party even during the pandemic. In a recent poll of Green Hope students, respondents were asked if they believed it was okay to have a party or “banger” during COVID. 155 agreed that it was not okay at all while the other 47 voted, “yeah it’s fine”. Below are statements from Green Hope High School students and alumni opinions on the topic. (all opinions left anonymous)


  • “Partying during COVID is reckless, stick to a consistent group of fewer than 10 people.”

  • “Partying in a closed place with more than 10 people is really dangerous right now. Can’t we just keep our loved ones close right now, and wait until the pandemic passes.”

  • “I think it’s inconsiderate not to think about the people you could possibly infect partying.”

  • “I think partying is just selfish and makes all this quarantining useless.”

  • “Going to a party knowing you could have COVID is really inconsiderate to your peers.” 

  • “Hanging out with a constant group of friends is fine but it’s different going around a bunch of people who have been in contact with many different people.”

  • “There’s a pandemic and there are guidelines, follow them to save the world and people around you.”


  • “Everyone has a responsibility to do their part to stop the spread of COVID.’’

  • “I think it’s unsafe especially during these times.”

  • “Big parties risk the lives of grandparents and family.”

  • “It’s selfish.”


With the spike of COVID cases it is still not safe to say we are out of the woods yet. Limiting the amount of people you hangout with and remaining socially distant can help maintain the spread of COVID. The community asks you to please be aware of others and not spread a virus that can be avoided, especially through partying.