Ellie Hamashima, Staff Writer

Life as we know it has changed. Holidays that used to be specifically for seeing extended family are hardly different than a regular day. Due to COVID-19, many Green Hope students have refrained from seeing extended family, Thanksgiving being no exception.


Image depicts data taken from student survey. (Ellie Hamashima)

When asked the impact of COVID-19 on their plans, 68% of students surveyed report an impact to some or great extent. While the impact of COVID-19 is consistent throughout Green Hope, the feelings brought forth are not. Junior Alexa Gough includes her disappointment this year, stating that “we would usually travel to see our family but we are unable to go due to health risks.” Feelings of dismay are in the majority, as Avery McIntyre includes that she will be breaking a yearly tradition of spending the holiday with a family friend. She realizes the safety precautions, but emphasizes Thanksgiving “will not be the same.” 

On a more positive note, Zoette Francis reports feeling relieved by the change of plans, including that she has “always found my extended family quite infuriating.” She is not alone in having a positive outlook on this ruined holiday, Samantha Buscher ‘21 includes that although she will miss seeing her extended family “it gives me some time to hang out with just my parents for Thanksgiving before I go to college.” While traditions are being broken in almost every household, for some this is a gift. Yeonwoo Joung describes that before COVID, their parents had to work on Thanksgiving, but this year they will be able to celebrate with them.

While the impact of Thanksgiving is hitting Green Hope students hard, it is apparent they are doing their part in keeping the community safe. A number of students including Tanner York ‘22 mention their relief in staying home, as they are not putting anyone at risk. Although his plans are reported to be changed to a great extent’ Tanner reminds us all of the safety of others, saying “I am sort of relieved because visiting older people in another state seems way too dangerous right now because COVID might be spread to them.”

With a holiday season like never before, students are handling these unprecedented times with grace and selflessness. Although they report differing feelings from relief to disappointment, Green Hope students consistently prioritize the health of others above all else.