GHHS Black Falcons for Toy for Tots


From 11/16 to 12/15 give back! Support Black Falcons in donating any new toys (fit for another kid’s use) for the holidays!

Nidhi Patel, Staff Writer

Are you already in the holiday-spirit? Are you interested in giving back for less fortunate children in the Research Triangle area? Well lucky for you! The Black Falcons are hosting a several week long donation drive to donate toys for kids this holiday season.


Whether you’re spring cleaning or trying to minimize post-holiday clutter, donating fully packed toys can help clear out your home and do some good at the same time. Normally getting those toys assembled and working is the first step, after which you need to find a place that accepts toy donations. For this year with COVID-19 (and sanitary purposes), it’s encouraged to donate to children in need, new-never used toys. A little history on “Toys For Tots” for prospective toy-donors: The Black Falcons have been collecting donations for Toys for Tots since 2010. It started with the Black Falcons wanting to share their love of Star Wars toys with kids who need goodies for the holidays. 


Over the past 10 years, they have donated hundreds of toys to our local Toys for Tots. The donation can be accepted from students, teachers, and admin.

This year to really enhance the gift-giving to the USMC’s Toys For Tots campaign they are collecting any new kind of toys. The Black Falcons wants to up their donation game and involve the entirety of Green Hope- anyone able to donate is welcome and encouraged!


How To:

Donations are open from November 16th to December 15th. Every day, there’ll be a box at the front of the school where students can drop off their donations. 

They are posting donation updates on their Instagram and Twitter @blackfalconsgh.

So go out and help someone in need during this time of the year, bring some smiles and happiness to their hearts and faces during this holiday!!

And remember it’s always a good day to be a good falcon!


If you have any questions or further information about this event please email [email protected]