Ranking Thanksgiving Dishes

Ranking Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving may look different this year due to COVID restrictions, but at least food, the most important part of the holiday, will, fortunately, remain the same. And so, I have taken it upon myself to rank the delicious Thanksgiving dishes that make it the best holiday of the season.  


Turkey is too important to even be ranked as the entire holiday is centered around it so I will just leave it here on its own.

10. Corn & peas- These vegetables are already served in normal dinners so it is not really special to Thanksgiving, thus the low ranking. But don’t get me wrong, corn and peas still taste really good mixed in mashed potatoes and are supposedly what the pilgrims ate at the first Thanksgiving.

9. Rolls- If the other dishes are inedible or just not your thing, rolls are usually a safe bet for even the pickiest eaters. However, bread rolls can be eaten at any dinner, therefore it is not ranked as high due to its mundaneness. 

8. Sweet potato casserole- Although sweet potato casserole is delicious, I firmly believe that the best Thanksgiving side dishes are the savory ones and that marshmallows should be saved for dessert.

7. Cranberry sauce- I am personally not a big fan of cranberry sauce and its taste, but I see its potential and it does add a nice pop of color to the feast.

6. Cornbread- One of the best-tasting carbs at the table that never fails to disappoint. The only downside would be that it does not really go well with any of the other dishes or could potentially be too dry.

5. Green Bean Casserole- Out of all the vegetable dishes served on Thanksgiving, green bean casseroles are hands down the best if cooked right. Bonus points for being one of the healthier dishes too!

4. Gravy- Another essential part of Thanksgiving that isn’t necessarily a side dish but anything paired with gravy, whether it be turkey or mashed potatoes, is infinitely better.

3. Stuffing- Although most people generally pair stuffing with turkey, it is just as great, if not better, on its own, which only adds to its appeal. It is one of those dishes that you can’t help but stuff yourself with. 😉

2. Mac and Cheese- Mac and Cheese is already an amazing food on its own but it’s even better at the Thanksgiving table. What more do I need to say about mac and cheese?

1. Mashed Potatoes: With or without gravy, mashed potatoes are the quintessential side dish that most people look forward to at Thanksgiving Dinner. Even from the chef’s side, mashed potatoes are the easiest dish to whip up and hard for even beginners to mess up. Mashed potatoes are hands down the best side dish that carries the entire feast.

Although we may not necessarily be able to celebrate Thanksgiving normally this year, at least the food will still maintain a sense of normalcy and remind us that we have a lot to be grateful for, especially in 2020. Happy Thanksgiving Falcons!!