Why are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Currently Trending?


The craze of 2020, blue light glasses.

Karen Jean, Staff Writer

From Tik Tok to Instagram these glasses seem to be circling the web all around the United States. Teenagers love them. But why exactly are these glasses becoming popular nowadays?


Blue light blocking glasses are special because their lenses have filters that are able to absorb and therefore block blue light (like UV light) from coming in contact with your eyes. This type of light is what most electronic devices like computers and mobile phones release. Too much screen time and exposure to this light can cause discomfort, so these glasses are supposed to reduce some of your eye-strain.  


From researching possible reasons for why these glasses have rose to popularity, I have come up with the following:


People Have Been Forced To Use Electronic Devices More So Now Than Ever


Ever since the pandemic, people have been pushed to stay inside their homes more often. This has decreased the choices of activities that people are able to do for entertainment. Research shows how there has been an increase of use of computers and mobile devices for entertainment purposes. Examples being Netflix or Youtube or Tik Tok or just communicating with your friends through texting and facetiming. Not only this, but there has also been an increase of these devices for educational purposes as well. Schools have closed down and moved to virtual learning. This has caused students to use their computers not only for doing assignments but also for joining live classes with their teachers. This increase of screen time, has caused for eyes to become more sensitive to the light producing more headaches or lack of sleep in people due to how screen light reduces the amount of melatonin (which is a sleeping hormone) from being produced. People have gone to find solutions to mitigate these problems and these glasses seem to offer a solution.


People Who Do Not Wear Glasses On A Regular Using Them For Styling Purposes    

Fall coming around, it has become trendy to wear sweaters or hoodies or sweatpants to look all comfy at home. It’s become a style to want to add these glasses to the outfits for the look because people find them cute or just enjoy how their face looks like with them on. I myself happen to be one of the people that got them for styling purposes as I enjoy how they look on my face or just even on top of my hair. 


I have asked around teenagers with my social media (most being Green Hope High School students) if they owned a pair of blue light blocking glasses. The results were that about 10% of the people that I asked owned a pair of these glasses.


Green Hope Students like Lorelei Zagacki ‘22, Anaam Amin ‘21, Emma Leigh Canina ‘22, Maura Timblin ‘21, Katelyn Cashion ‘21 all said yes to wearing these glasses. Seems to be a trend that women are more likely to buy these glasses. But men shouldn’t be discouraged from getting them. Male GH students like Nihar Thakkar ‘21 and David Suh ‘22 also own a pair.


There is controversy for whether these glasses do actually help mitigating eye damage. Some professionals say that the LED light from these devices are not really harmful to the eyes, it’s all about the way the devices are used. This can be putting the device close to your eyes, or looking at it in a dark environment. Others do say though, that it can help reduce headaches from long time usage and improve sleep.


These glasses can be bought with or without prescriptions. Whether you want them for relieving purposes or styling purposes I will be mentioning a few stores from where you can get them. 


The cheapest I found was from Five and Below (which is the ones that I have) and I bought for 5 dollars. Target also sells them in different styles with prices ranging from 10 to 15 dollars. Amazon has a lot of different deals but it likes to sell in pairs usually 2 glasses for 20 dollars or higher. Walmart and online stores also sell them but the online stores do seem to have higher prices for these glasses. 


I hope this helped you learn more about what the hype of these glasses is all about and if you were considering getting a pair, now you know some of your options.