NHS Updates


Additional Updates for any NHS applicants, hopeful members, and current members. As of Nov. 30th- lots of new information is available for students!

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

For pre-covid NHS applicants or hopeful applicants, I’m here to report on behalf of 2020-2021 President Polyna Uzun with updates regarding the honor society.

For Interested NHS Applicants- 

  • Only sophomores and juniors can apply (Class of 2022 and 2023)
  • There will be an interest meeting in January (Check the Website or any Social Medias for further Updates)
  • Applications will begin in February with results coming out some time in March/April
  • In order to be accepted, applicants need to have a 3.5 GPA (UNWEIGHTED!)
  • Unlike previous years, applications will be digital.
    • Uzun also noted, “We look in depth at an applicant’s service, leadership, character, and scholarship, the 2020-2021 applications will be digital, and that there is a video on the “Becoming a Member” part of the website which has more specifics about applications that people who are interested should watch.”

For Spring 2020 Applicants-

President Uzun also vocalized the club wants students “to know, specifically the ones who applied last spring (bc those application results still haven’t been released), that the panel of teachers is currently working on them, we are sorry for the wait, however, they weren’t able to go over the documents earlier since there were over 100 applications, all paper packets, which had to have been turned into digital versions, and that those results are projected to come out in December.”

Sooo expect an email (on your student account ex: @students.wcpss.net) anytime soon with results of your NHS application and thank you for waiting patiently!


*If you have remaining questions check out their website OR contact the club email [email protected] 

More updates to come and to those who applied or hope to, good luck!