Parent Demands Recognition For Honor Code Violation



Some parents just can’t resist “helping” their children.

Lucas Moore, Staff Writer

A high school diploma: the goal of every high school student. A diploma is a tangible recognition of 4 years of hard work, and unlocks future paths in life. For a student, receiving a diploma is one of the highlights of their high school career. For a parent, it’s usually a very proud moment.


But this year isn’t usual, and has some parents asking for more. “Honestly, I feel like I deserve credit too,” one parent says. After helping their junior with classwork all year, they’re petitioning for a diploma of their own. “I’ve done so many math problems and spent hours completing tests! That effort needs to be rewarded!” 


Unfortunately, even if the petition that has now been signed by over 4 parents is adopted, the parents involved may not even qualify for a diploma. “In order to meet graduation requirements, you must amass enough credits from high school classes,” a counselor told us. Though these parents are spending countless hours doing work, there’s no indication that they are doing it well. The average grade for work they complete is 51%, a shockingly low average.


Despite this interesting insight into the education of Green Hope parents, some still hold their belief that parents should get a diploma for work that students wouldn’t even get one for. Graduation in the spring will be interesting, possibly in more ways than one.


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