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Nidhi Patel, Staff Writer

Do you want to make an impact in your community and get a chance to empower and serve women in our community? You have come to the perfect article. Not only for girls but anyone who wants to empower each other and have open means of communication. Continue reading if you’d like to make an amazing change in society, make good friends from not only our school but throughout the state of NC, and gain volunteering hours- join the North Carolina chapter of Girl Up… hosting meetings soon!!


About the Club:

Girl Up RTP club, plans to serve and empower women and address gender inequality in our community through drives, in-person service events, current event discussions, socials to get to know each other to better empower the people in the club. Through this club, members will be able to make an impact on our local community, become a part of our supportive community, advocate for change, and earn volunteer hours for their efforts. This is a new club that has started this year and is open to all students in North Carolina, not just those that go to Green Hope, so don’t forget to invite your friends outside of GHHS. So far they have done their first drive with the women’s shelter and they plan on doing more for the women in our community who need it. Not only will they be doing drives, but we also plan on having discussions, speakers, in-person service events, and many more fun activities to educate ourselves and do the best they can for our state. Serena Muthukumarana, the president of Girl UP RTP was inspired by the mission of girl up which is to address gender inequality and create change all over the world, which got her interested in making an impact within our community.


Officer Positions:

Co-Presidents: Prerna Dash ’22 and Serena Muthukumarana ’22

  • They are currently having an election for the Executive Board and they would love for people to apply!
  • There are some requirements for running for executive positions so be sure to check them out on their websites. 

How To Join:

  • Just fill out this Google Form if you are interested!
  • Members will be able to join till Sunday, December 20th and you can sign up to be a part of their board until Sunday, December 27th when they will be having elections for their new board members.

    Picture from Girl Up NC’s Instagram

Where to Contact/Follow for more Information:


Social media: Instagram: @ncgirlup

Contact for more information:[email protected]