State Attempts to Salvage Semester by Preserving Students’ Opportunity to Cheat In-Person


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Cheating in-person can be exhilarating, but virtual cheating simply isn’t the same.

Lucas Moore, Staff Writer

Teachers have noticed a stark increase in class averages since moving online. “I’ve never seen so many people get an A on a math test,” reported one Green Hope math teacher. Not only has cheating been prevalent among virtual learners, it’s also been ridiculously easy. Students can test unmonitored with their camera off, and use Google to ace anything that comes their way. “At this point, if you don’t get a 100 you aren’t doing it right,” said a student.


The state has taken notice of this, and has recognized that virtual cheating just isn’t the same. In cheating virtually, high school students are missing out on what could be some of their final chances to experience the exhilaration of cheating. They believe it’s only right in these trying times that students receive the opportunity to cheat normally by writing on their hand, going to the bathroom in the middle of the test, and getting all the answers beforehand from a friend. Because of this, state leaders are making a kind gesture: mandating that testing for state courses be held in-person – a desperate attempt to return some semblance of normalcy for high school students.


In a rare turn of events, students actually agree with state administrators. A Green Hope Junior fond of cheating commented on the experience of in-school testing, saying “It’s so crazy at school because you’re trying to get a glimpse of the smart kid’s paper so that you can pass the class, but if the teacher catches you then you’re screwed.” After all we’ve lost during this pandemic, it’s encouraging to see the state doing their best to protect this extraordinarily important experience from the tyranny of the coronavirus shutdown.


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