2020 Year In Review: Student Life

A year in review: The GH Falcon's Student Life section for this 2020-2021 school year.

Shea McIntyre

A year in review: The GH Falcon’s Student Life section for this 2020-2021 school year.

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

This year we brought it back to the student body by really writing and creating content to their needs and to provide entertainment.

Social Media Manager, Annie Hu provided us with tips on how to exude confidence in the unavoidable Google Meet Breakout Groups.

Lucas Moore, up and coming The Onion writer, introduced us to Satire, entirely student and GHHS based!

We fed into the boredom and game-obsessed nature that characterizes quarantine as we all engaged and took Emma’s Among Us quiz!

Specific to the 2020 election, Anaam surveyed Falcons on their preferences on anything from the electoral college to the two-party system.

Karen Jean interviewed the many diverse opinions and livelihoods of GHHS seniors and we all learned a thing or two about each other.

Jason encouraged business, math, and economic interested students in one of his most recent articles, “Should you start investing?”

In the arts areas of our student body Tae and Kavya (along with other staff members) wrote on the impact COVID had on these creative classes infusing both student and teacher’s opinions. & Elaina provided dance team and dance class takers insight on the recent and tragic loss of the dance department.

Nidhi and Samir also answered all your urgent questions on clubs and how to become a member through the numerous club features they wrote.

All the while Ellie and Shea (I) gathered the student-input of a triumphant factor of our Green Hope culture that is music, by compiling students’ song recommendations for each month.

News editor and video extraordinaire, Maddy showed us all into her life and her routine Monday through Friday as a Virtual Student at GHHS.

Uma, busy being co-editor-in chief, was a mastermind behind our school’s first annual writing contest specifically for this winter!

And Ameena, had class of 2021 seniors constantly checking our site because of the Superlative Nominations.

Whilst, Lorelei Zagacki was featured on the trending page a number of times with all her relatable video and article content.

But, we cannot forget Mason and Davis‘ immersed themselves into the category of Student Life with their collaborative article regarding how student-athletes are managing in a restrictive league.


This year, The GH Falcon reaped the benefits of a very virtual year as each staff writer and editor poured their heart and soul into creating engaging, newsworthy works and publications for our students to enjoy specifically in the student-focused section, Student Life! We earned a whopping total of 3,668 new users and readers for our official school site entirely for students, by students! To conclude 2020 we hope to continue encapsulating excellence into all of our works and can’t wait to exceed this year’s #s in 2021! 

We hope to keep up our student focused publications for students, by students!

To all, the staff of the GH Falcon say THANK YOU and Happy New Year!