Tre Morgan Commits to Barton College!

Tre Morgan Commits to Barton College!

Davis Cuffe, Sports Editor

Tre Morgan, a standout senior on the Green Hope Men’s Basketball team, recently committed to Barton College to continue his basketball career. After many successful years playing for Green Hope, Tre is sure to be a star at the next level! We wish him only the best as he continues his basketball career at Barton College.

What made you pick Barton College?

¨Barton College is a perfect fit for me because it is close to home. I wanted my family to be able to come see me play. I also really like the environment and area that it’s in. The coaching staff is very welcoming as well. My parents and I built great relationships with the coaches and that was one of the main reasons I was drawn to Barton College.¨

Could you share some details about the recruitment process?

¨The recruitment process was a rollercoaster. I built a lot of great relationships with coaches and learned a lot not only about their basketball programs, but the school environment. I also learned a lot about myself and how much they believed in my ability to better their program. It gave me a boost of confidence that allowed me to believe I can play at the next level.¨

What do you plan to study at Barton?

¨I haven’t decided yet, I’m deciding between business and criminal justice.¨

What are some goals you want to accomplish at Barton?

¨Some goals I want to accomplish at Barton include of course graduating and hopefully earn all-conference in basketball.¨

What was your biggest accomplishment while playing for Green Hope?

¨My biggest accomplishment during my Green Hope career was helping my team beat #1 Hillside on their senior night. That was probably our biggest game and really helped us certify a playoff spot.¨

What will you miss the most about high school basketball and your team?

¨The thing I will miss the most is the friendships I made over the years with the players and coaches. I will also miss the support system that Green Hope has.¨

We at The Falcon offer a huge congratulations to Tre and you can do the same! Reach him on Instagram @tremorgan23_.