Ashley Cao SOARS To New Heights and Commits to WIT!


Ashley Cao on her official signing day! GO LEOPARDS!

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

Senior Ashley Cao, member of the Falcon’s Volleyball team for all 4 years in highschool recently made a huge step in her marvelous career to play at the collegiate level! Once she soars off and graduates from Green Hope, Cao will become a Wentworth Institute of Technology leopard!

According to her individual stats pre-senior night (#s provided by our student-led instagram @ghfalcons) Cao is considered a legend in the falcon nest with her 253 assists, 172 digs, and 14 kills! Cao wears #3 on the court but she’s certainly one of GH’s #1 recruits! After officially signing to WIT, she’s answering just a few of our urgent questions. 


This picture is from Ashley’s official verbal commitment post back in November of 2019 after winning States!

When did you begin playing volleyball?

“I decided to start seriously playing volleyball my freshman year in high school.”


What kind of player would you describe yourself as? (competitive, vocal, passionate, etc.)

“I am definitely a passionate player. I love leading my team on the court.”


Are there any stand-out moments or memories you remember playing for Green Hope and how did they affect your decision to commit to WIT?

“States my first two years were really memorable, and I knew [after those two years of winning state championships] that I wanted an amazing community with great people, which is why I chose Wentworth!”

Ashley pictured with her fellow senior teammates: Sophia Kruzco, Annie Elvin, Delaney Kearns, and Molly Norris!

What’s your hype song or pre-game song you listen to? 

“I love [any] throwback song by Ke$ha :)”


What’s your intended major at WIT?

“Civil Engineering.”


*I know you played club volleyball along with GH volleyball* – Did playing outside of school in a more competitive club-team atmosphere help you in any ways to be a stand-out player or impact your chances to become a collegiate athlete?

“Absolutely, for me, club volleyball was what got me into recruiting and thinking about playing in college, many coaches would come watch my games wherever we were playing.”


Had you been thinking of other schools and if so, what schools?

“I had considered Rice, West Point, UNCW, NC State, Washington and Lee, and a few more.”


When did you make the pivotal decision to commit as a collegiate athlete? How has this influenced your daily life? (ie. do you have to continuously be conscious of your nutrition, waking up earlier than normal, etc.)?

“I made my decision to commit to WIT after my visit last November, the community and all the people were so supportive, and I knew I wanted to go to a school where I could focus on academics first, and then volleyball, which Wentworth allowed me to do.”

Ashley and her supportive family pictured at her signing day!

And finally, what are you most excited for at your new school Wentworth Institute of Technology?

“I am so excited to be in Boston and to live in the city for the next four years!!”


We’re so excited and proud of Ashley and her numerous accomplishments on and off the court. The possibilities are endless for her up in Boston! (despite it being very chilly)


Congratulations Ashley Cao and GO LEOPARDS!