The Revealing and Horrible Truths of Self-Isolation


Tetiana Shyshkina- via Unsplashed

Explore the 8 day diary log of self isolating from COVID-19 with what could be a fellow GH falcon. This falcon might go a little stir crazy!

Emma Hamrick, Staff Writer

Recently, we ran across a diary that belonged to a survivor of the quarantine of 2020. According to this diary, the person who it belonged to was trapped in self-isolation for a whole week! Below you will find the horrible truth of what this survivor endured through during their week of isolation.

Day 1:

So far so good. This isn’t all that different from my regular life. I normally just sit in my room and watch Netflix all day anyways, but now I have an excuse to do it! Plus my family brings my meals to my room on a tray, it’s like I have my own servants. I think this will be a great week.

Day 2:

I’m starting to get bored. I finished my show this morning and now I have nothing to do. I tried to play some Animal Crossing but I got bored after just a few minutes. At this point nothing I’m doing is entertaining me. I miss my friends.

Day 3:

This is really starting to suck. I only leave my room to go to the bathroom and to get food or water. I never thought I would get tired of lying in my bed all day. I’ve had a headache the entire day because I haven’t moved much. Not to mention the boredom is eating me away. Maybe I will do some online shopping to entertain myself.

Day 4:

Online shopping was a mistake. I just wanted to buy some stickers for my laptop case and I ended up spending over 200 dollars on Amazon. I didn’t even end up buying the stickers! I have done everything humanly possible to try to entertain myself. Everything from online shopping, to paper mache, to playing ukulele, and even to trying to learn Eminem’s’ rap in Godzilla. I am losing my mind in here.

Day 5:

I haven’t seen my family’s faces in five days. Every time I come downstairs they run away from me and spray Lysol to protect themselves. I’ve been stuck by myself for so long I’m starting to want to change everything about myself. So far I have cut three inches off of my hair, pierced my ears with a needle, and shaved a slit in my eyebrow. If this goes on any longer I think I’m going to end up dying my hair. 

Day 6:

I miss the world outside. I don’t remember what fresh air smells like or what trees look like. I’ve resorted to watching Animal Planet to feel like I’m outside. And as if it couldn’t get any worse, I’ve spent so much time on TikTok I can only speak in TikTok sounds. I called my mom to ask for some water but it came out as “from the top make it drop…”, luckily I stopped myself there before things got worse. I really don’t think I can do this anymore. There’s only one day left but I don’t think my sanity will survive another day.

Day 7:

Update… I have bangs and my hair is purple now. I have completely lost it. I am hearing weird noises in my room. There’s a weird squeaking noise coming from my closet and an eerie laugh that sounds like it’s coming from under my bed. And every time I say the name Alexa a strange monotonous, feminine voice responds to me. I’m so scared, someone help me. 

Day 8:

I am finally out of self isolation. As soon as I woke up this morning I ran out into my front yard and rolled on the lawn. Although very damp with dew and lawn clippings, it felt so nice to feel the soft breeze on my skin and smell the plants outside. It’s almost as if I was reborn. The sky was bluer, the grass greener, the trees browner. Everything was just brighter. It felt so good to go outside after being stuck by myself in my room for a week. I never want to experience that horror ever again.

Luckily the owner of this diary made it out of quarantine alive, and still somewhat mentally stable. But I hope this person’s story can be a lesson for everyone. In all seriousness, follow the COVID-19 regulations set out by the CDC so that you don’t have to go through the same horrors that this person did. Wear a mask, stay at least six feet apart, and make sure to stay home if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms! Stay safe everyone!