Teachers Intentionally Ruin Student Grades, Forcing Them to Take Final Exams


Lucas Moore

Teachers are using low grades to dramatically lower students’ averages.

Lucas Moore, Staff Writer

Teachers spend countless hours outside of class planning and creating assignments for students. Contrary to popular belief, teachers do not do this for fun. Instead, they do it because they know students will complete the assignments and it will help them to learn. The upcoming optional teacher-made final exams present teachers with a dismal outlook: there’s a possibility they’re making a final exam that no student will ever take.


Luckily, teachers are a creative bunch who don’t want to see their work wasted. Using their control over student grades, several Green Hope teachers have inserted zeroes into student grades in order to force them to take the final. A chemistry teacher described their efforts, saying, “one of my students does amazing in class, and I had to add eleven zeroes in order to get their grade to a point where I knew they would take the final.” The student’s grade ended up dropping by 37 points, from a 99 to a 62. 


These staggering drops in grades have attracted negative attention from students and parents, saying that the “selfish scheme” concocted by the teachers is jeopardizing students’ futures. The teachers expected this blowback, so they preemptively took steps to mitigate it. “I’m simply not holding calculus class the week before final exams so students don’t have any chance to cause drama and plead for a grade increase,” a math teacher says. As for email, teachers have turned on their vacation responders with messages such as “I’m incredibly excited to see every single one of my students for the final exam! :)”


Unfortunately, final exams are only worth 20% of the final class grade, meaning a 62 has no chance of being brought back up to a passing grade. As students slog through finals week feeling deeply disappointed in their academic performance, they can rest easy knowing that their teachers are happy.


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