Looking Back at Teacher Appreciation Week


Nidhi Patel

During this interesting year, creating new challenges every single day but fighting all those challenges and adapting practice to best support their students are one of the heroes in the world right now – teachers, and staff. 

Thank you for everything you all do to make us smile, laugh, and comfort. Thank you for all the patience, flexibility, and compassion during this time and always. I know it’s very hard to not see students every single day in the classroom and in school laughing, singing, rushing, learning, talking, complaining, and growing, but thank you for bringing new and engaging learning experiences in our classrooms and school. We appreciate the steps you all take to stay connected with us. Thank you for always believing in us and having the best interest at heart. 


“Every day they greet their students with a smile upon their faces.

Though paperwork the night before seemed like a grueling race. 

Money’s not their motivation, it’s the love for what they do. 

They hear that special calling to which they always will stay true.

Their students are their dedication, devotion is to them.

To them each child’s unique and special, a beautiful gem.

Some days are just demanding and frustration takes its course.

Then they see those little faces, their inspiration is their force. 

Each day they are in their classroom which reminds them why they’re there.

Making differences in children’s lives with whom their heart they share.

There is a special pride in teachers and a love for what they do.

And appreciation is always shared between those little lives and them.” 


From all the students at Green Hope High School 

To all the teachers and staff who work really hard for our bright future.