Addie Cooper Commits to Appalachian State!


Davis Cuffe, Sports Editor

A current Green Hope senior, Addie Cooper recently committed to Appalachian State University to play women’s soccer! She committed on October 17th 2019. Our star senior has had many successful years playing for Green Hope and she’s sure to have plenty of success at the next level. Congratulations Addie, we wish you only the best as you head off to Appalachian State.

When did you begin playing soccer?

“I began playing soccer on a team around the age of five, however, I would play in the yard with my brother from the time I knew what soccer was.”

What’s your favorite memory playing soccer?

“My favorite memory playing soccer is hard to choose because there have been so many amazing moments. But if I had to pick my all-time favorite, I would say is not anything that happened on the field but off. On away games that were far away, my whole team would take a bus and ride together. One time we had just beaten one of the hardest teams in the league and once we all got back on the bus, we played music and were all singing along and just having fun together.”

What made you pick Appalachian State?

“I picked App state because after visiting the campus I just fell in love with it and could tell I would enjoy living there. Everyone there was super friendly, and I knew once I left that I wanted to go there.”

Could you describe the recruitment process?

“The recruitment process is different for everyone, so it is hard to describe it in general terms. However, I was lucky to have great coaches vouch for me and was given many opportunities to be seen by colleges at showcases and other events through my club team. I also attended ID (identification) camps to generate some interest for the schools I was looking at. At the time college coaches weren’t allowed to talk directly to us until the summer going into our junior year, that has recently been pushed back even more. But we could send them emails about our game times and locations and they could reach out to our coaches if they were interested. For me personally, I got most of my interest through showcases, but like I said before it is different for each person.”

What will you miss the most about playing for Green Hope?

“I will miss the experience the most. I don’t think it can be narrowed down to one specific thing because playing for Green Hope was so many different things; it was fun, exciting, stressful at times, but most importantly it was an experience I will never forget and am so grateful for everyone that made it so awesome.”

Wow, congratulations Addie and thank you for finding the time to talk to us! You can congratulate Addie on Instagram, find her at @addiecooper13.