Falcons Favorite Flics

TV Shows:

Jujutsu Kaisen 

Released in early October of 2020, this anime has been met with great reviews! Jujutsu Kaisen is a dark fantasy show about a high schooler, Itadori Yuji, who was thrown into the world of Jujutsu sorcerers after his Occult Studies club has a close encounter with a rare cursed object. This anime keeps you on the edge of your seat during its’ high-paced fight sequences, and the lovable characters draw you in even further because of their… unique… personalities. You can watch the original Japanese version of Jujutsu Kaisen, with English subtitles, and the English dubbed version on both Crunchyroll and Anime-Planet for free. Emma

His Dark Materials

This show is based on the novel series, of the same name, by Phillip Pullman. His Dark Materials is a mind-boggling science fantasy story of two children and the trials that they faced while traveling through multiple parallel universes. The insane cast of this show includes actors such as Lin-Manuel Miranda from Hamilton, James McAvoy from Split, Dafne Keen from Logan, and many more. Full of sub-plots and shocking twists, you will never be bored watching this show. The second season of His Dark Materials was released on the 3rd of November in 2020. You can watch this show on HBO GO/HBO NOW or on Amazon Prime Video if you have the HBO add on. – Emma


If you enjoy historical dramas, pretty dresses, or just British accents, you’ll love Bridgerton, a new show on Netflix that is essentially Gossip Girl set in 1800’s London. The first season follows Daphne Bridgerton as she navigates finding a husband in London high society filled with gossip and scandals reported by Lady Whistledown’s newspaper. The nonstop drama and romance will keep you on the edge of your seat along with the aesthetically pleasing scenery and fashion. The first season is out on Netflix and only has 8 episodes: an easy binge. –Annie

The Bachelor/Bachelorette 

The Bachelor franchise is one of the most popular reality shows that has been on air for almost 20 years and for good reason too. The show is centered around one lead (male for the Bachelor and female for the Bachelorette) attempting to find love with one of the 30 contestants and eliminates people each week with Rose Ceremonies, ultimately ending with a proposal. Although romance is the primary basis of The Bachelor, there is still lots of petty drama that ensues among the contestants, which makes for entertaining television. Be prepared to become invested in the show by rooting for your favorite contestant or wishing that the season villain would be sent home. The new season of the Bachelor with Matt James airs every Monday at 8 pm Eastern time and new episodes can be on Hulu the next day. The entire previous season of the Bachelorette is also available on Hulu to watch. –Annie

The Crown

Netflix’s award-winning show “The Crown” is an amazing show to binge not just for history buffs but for anyone who is fascinated by the royal family. Season 1 of the show starts out following 25-year-old Queen Elizabeth at the beginning of her reign and the challenges she faces. Subsequent seasons also focused on the relationships and lives of other royals like the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret and Prince Philip. The latest season, released in November 2020, is centered around Prince Charles’ marriage with Diana as well as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Although the show is fiction, it certainly is intriguing to get a closer look at the lives of one of the most famous figures in the world. –Annie



At first sight, Soul might seem just like a kid’s movie but it’s actually not. This Pixar’s new animated movie creatively covers topics on life and purpose by highlighting the adventures of Joe and Soul 22. I personally enjoyed the scenic animation that conveys the beauty of life as well as the jazz-based music. I believe that this film has the ability to form deep and personal connections with any audience thus strongly recommended! Check it out on Disney Plus! – Tae

Perks of Being a Wallflower

Perks of Being A Wallflower is a well-known coming-of-age film that softly touches on many different aspects of adolescence as introverted high school freshman (Charlie) develops friendship and love with mentor figures, Sam and Patrick. In many ways, this film magically finds its way to connect with us as adolescents whether it’s Charlie’s personality, past, or relationship with others around him. I highly recommend this film to those who feel lost in life as teenagers. This film could answer some of the deep questions you might have about life. Look for it on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video! (Don’t miss out on the blissful ending, the well-known tunnel scene) –Tae

Monsters University

We’ve all been going through some rough times, so if you’re looking for a movie with a mix of comedy and heart-warming moments, check out Monsters University. The sequel to the beloved Monsters Inc. takes us through Mike and Sullys’ college days. Mike has worked towards being a scarer since he was little, while Sully has been lazy, relying on his naturally scary appearance to take him through life. Stuck as roommates the two began to grow closer over the course of the movie through shared trials and tribulations. Even if you have already seen this movie, this is one of those movies you can watch over and over again. You can watch this movie on a wide range of platforms including, but not limited to, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video. –Emma

17 Again

Ever wonder what it would be like to go to high school with your parents? 17 Again does exactly that, where middle-aged Mike O’Donnell (played by Matthew Perry from ‘Friends’) is transformed back into his 17-year-old self again. His younger self (played by Zac Efron) then heads off to high school where he attempts to help his two kids, Maggie and Alex, with their problems. Through the movie, Mike learns more about his kids and attempts to fix his broken marriage. Although the movie is over a decade old, 17 Again still captures the essence of being a high schooler and is a great comedy to watch on Netflix. Plus you’ll get to enjoy the sight of Zac Efron in high school again! –Annie