Business Check! Our GH Student Entrepreneurs


Shea McIntyre with lots of “Shop With Shea” orders!

Ameena Farooqui and Maddy Chen

Hi Falcons! We wanted to showcase some of the talents at our school and compiled a list of students who have their own businesses. From ping-pong tables to crochet food to cocoa bombs, we found it all! If you have a business or know someone who does, let us know at [email protected] or [email protected] Consider supporting your fellow peers as well. Happy shopping 🙂

Lexi Crochet:

Lexi Karren (21’) has a crochet business with over 5,000 followers on her Instagram! She’s even gotten an article written about her which you can find here. You can find handmade pieces including sunflower and strawberry earrings, bucket hats, and bags. The Instagram Account is @lexichichrochet. You can see all her products and find more about purchase options here.

Shop with Shea:

Our fellow staff member Shea McIntyre (22’) has her very own tye-dye business! Her items range from hoodies, tank tops, tees, and bucket hats. She also makes personalized products and ships all over. You can check her out on her Instagram @shopwithshea

Shea and one of her Tie-dye shirts 🙂

Sal’s Stuff

Senior Salma Hakam is one to jump on trendy tik-tok crafts. With her talented skills, Salma does various items ranging from custom art, customizable glass albums and keychains. Also if you are looking for trendy new clothes, she sells them too! Check out her Instagram @Sal’sStuff

Hayley White Designs

Hayley White (21’) has always had a love for graphic design and hand-lettering. With that passion, she creates items such as stickers, notepads, and cards. Her products are focused on self-love, positivity, and motivation! Be sure to check out her website Hayley White Designs and her Instagram @hayleywhitedesigns


Elbows Pong

Seniors Montana Merkle and Ava Wilson have brought their skills to the table (literally!!!) to create customizable drink/pong tables. In December, these girls opened an Instagram account where you can find them @elbows.pong.

Cocoa Bombs

Senior Maya Westerlund has one of the more new businesses on our list. And it has to do with the trendy new treat everyone wants… Cocoa Bombs! Check out her Instagram @carycocoabombs where you can choose from various flavors and decorated bombs. You can also connect with her on Facebook.

Masking a Difference NC 

Multiple students from Green Hope have assembled together to create an organization that provides hand-made masks where they give to people in the community and sometimes even donate to local hospitals and first responders. Their Instagram can be found @maskingadifferencenc. Some of the board members include Sherri Chandra (‘21) and Veronica Upadhyay (‘21) who are fundraising coordinators, Sasha Sembur (‘21) the Chapter Leader, Harshica Balu (‘21), and Srinidhi Skkurthi (‘21) who are part of the Outreach Team, Lynn Luo (‘22), Shazia Muckram (‘21) and Ridhi Ginkala (‘21) who are both Social Media Managers, and Sai Vignathri Vaddi (‘21) who runs Public Relations. They also have a website here.

Brace With Grace-19 

A team of 7 gals including Maddy Chen (21’), Sarah Chikha (21’), Chloe Lin (‘21), Angella Xu (‘21), Allison Charney (21’), and Anah Ghafoor (22’) has been working since March of 2020 to provide hand-made bracelets and jewelry. They’ve previously donated $1000 to Wake-Med’s COVID-19 response efforts and currently, 25% of proceeds of every purchase you make will go towards a larger cause including the Okra Project, Save the Children Yemen Crisis, Black Visions Collective (BLM Movement), and LGBTQ+ Victory Fund. Find out more about them through their website or follow them on Instagram @bracewithgrace19


The Full Sun Shop

Previously known as RamenNoodlez, freshmen Olivia Chen has rebranded her sticker business to be called The Full Sun Shop. She hopes her stickers provide joy to her customers’ lives and always works to produce the best quality and customer service for those that order. You can find her Instagram here.

Other students in the community:

Jewelry by Kaya 

Meha is a current freshman at Triangle Research High School and previously attended Davis Drive Middle School. She has co-founded a jewelry business where 20% of profits are donated to mental health research! They have super cute and stylish pieces including butterfly necklaces and lightning bolt earrings. You can support them @Jewelrybykaya.meha and view their website here.


Green Hope Alumni Jake Berlin and Kush Sethi first started a Podcast brand in March of 2020, one of the episodes being them sharing their experiences with different aspects of their life. Later on, they launched a fantastic clothing line which you can find Products range from stickers to short sleeve tees to limited edition hoodies and sweatshirts. They ship nationwide and are located locally at NC State University. Their website can be found here.

JALI Jewelry 

Lisha Li, a current sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill, has created a business hoping to be environmentally sustainable. They provide jewelry with recyclable packaging to minimize thrown away waste and pledge to put sustainability in front of the business. They have a whole plethora of different jewelry to choose from which you can find on their website here: JALIJewlry. In addition, all proceeds from their Handmade Charity Rings go towards Conservation International. And get this, they’re only $4! Support the cause here: CharityRings 

Purple Pear

17-year-old crochet artist Mary Eva uses her excellent crocheting talent to create various products ranging from plushies, scrunchies, and keychains. Her niche, the plushies are adorable, squishable, and hard not to melt for. Animals, plants, food are the numerous items she has covered with these plushies! Be sure to show her some love on Instagram @shoppurplepear and check out her website.

We hope these give some ideas on who you can support or what you can start during this time!