Top 6 Shows to Watch Right Now


From widely celebrated shows with a cemented place in our pop culture to recent releases that have made a buzz around streaming services, here is a list of the top 6 shows to watch right now.

Jason Rong, Writer

 The Promised Neverland 

The Promised Neverland is an epic horror anime. It’s scary not because of superficial factors; but because it explores themes like the innocence of childhood. The anime opens up the gate between children’s innocent minds and the real world and takes you on an abnormal adventure with its memorable protagonists and three-dimensional villains. Every character contributes to the plot and has their special moments in the show; because of that, The Promised Neverland lets you view characters from different angles and perspectives. 


Aside from the characters, the camera angles of this show are also on point, making you feel like you’re watching an actual horror happen in real-time. The creators immerse you deep inside Neverland’s seemingly happy world, cracking a perfect illusion as the show progresses. The soundtracks of The Promised Neverland fit the tone of the show perfectly, lulling sad yet hopeful harmonies. If you want to check it out, click here

The Promised Neverland is the perfect mashup of anime and horror; give it a watch! If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get out of Neverland’s mysterious world alive. Click here to watch the trailer! 


My rating: 9/10 


Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is the highest-rated TV show of all time. The award-winning tale opens you up to the bizarre world of Walter White, a seemingly ordinary fifty-one-year-old chemistry teacher who hides a dark secret – his infamous status as a drug-lord.


The best thing about Breaking Bad is that unlike many other shows, it has a sense of realism. Breaking Bad depicts and touches on real issues that we as a society face today, such as police brutality, a corrupt prison system, and expensive college education. Furthermore, the characters in this show act like real human beings; they respond to problems reasonably, and they react to despair and death as any normal human being would. Speaking of death, every death on this show is meaningful because they depict consequences, which leads to character developments. Motifs and symbolic colors tend to play a large role in the development of the show, playing a significant role when it comes to depicting the dark world of Breaking Bad and portraying the personality of those who live in it. For example, pink in Breaking Bad represents innocence, red represents blood and death, and a bouncy car could be seen as depicting a heartbeat.  



Breaking Bad is a must watch! Drop whatever you’re doing and start exploring the bizarre world of Walter White. Click here to watch the trailer. Click here to listen to the theme song. 


My rating: 10/10 



The Office 

The Office is one of the most critically acclaimed sitcoms of all time. If you haven’t seen The Office yet, you are missing out big time! Everyone in The Office is perfectly cast, with each actor bringing their unique character to life; the show culminates as a  memorable experience that you’ll never forget. The best thing about The Office is simplicity; simplicity is what makes the show so great. After a long day of school, you wouldn’t want to watch Brad Pitt getting chased by a dinosaur, or Millie Bobby Brown fighting Demogragons, you would want something simple, light-hearted to watch, and The Office is the way to go. 


Are you ready to laugh until your belly hurts? If the answer is yes, log into your Netflix account and start watching The Office right now!  Click here to watch the trailer. 


My rating: 10/10 


Black Mirror


Black Mirror is a compilation of many great psychological mind-twisting stories. Black Mirror addresses the danger of relying on technology and depicts a threatening dystopian future likely to occur if society doesn’t change for the better. Society would crumble if we keep using technologies against each other instead of helping. Every time I finish watching a Black Mirror episode, I would lay in my bed and just think about what I watched. The mind-blowing plot-twists, the emotional scenes, the cliffhanger would replay like a melody in my head. My personal favorites are White Christmas (Season 2, Episode 4), San Junipero (Season 3, Episode 4), and Nosedive (Season 3, Episode 1). 


If you love sci-fi and psychological thrillers,  Black Mirror is made for you! Click here to watch the trailer. 


Rating: 9/10  


Altered Carbon – Season 1

Embrace yourself for Altered Carbon. Altered Carbon is a visually stunning, nerve-wracking, mind-twisting experience. With an estimated budget of one million dollars per episode, Altered Carbon utilizes Marvel level CGI, delivering the audience an eye-pleasing, visually stunning experience and making its futuristic setting a near-reality. 


The main plot of Altered Carbon revolves around solving a case, letting the audience constantly worry about “who might have done it”. With a rating of M, Altered Carbon includes some adult-themed, mind-twisting stuff, like sexual abuse and manipulation. Altered Carbon has two seasons; I can’t yet recommend the second season because I haven’t seen it. 


 If you love fantasy and don’t mind mature themed stuff, give Altered Carbon a try; you’ll enjoy it. 


Rating: 8/10   


Your Lie in April 


Your Lie in April is one of those shows that catches you by surprise. I went into the show expecting a mediocre cliche drama, but what I got was a masterpiece instead. 


The plot of Your Lie in April revolves heavily around striving for goals and achieving dreams;  something we as an audience can relate to; as the story progresses, characters dreams will be shattered by unprecedented situations, and you’ll get to see how characters get through them by working as a team. 


The best thing about Your Lie In April is the facial expressions. The facial expressions in Your Lie in April perfectly portrays the mood of the characters and what they’re thinking. If anime characters could win Oscar for acting, this show would have won numerous awards. 


 Your Lie in April is an emotional roller coaster. Have your tissues ready, buckle up, and I’ll have more tissues for you when you finish the ride. 


My Rating: 10/10




School and quarantine really took a toll on me. TV shows are the only things keeping me sane. The six shows I listed above cured my boredom and got me through quarantine. If you are stressing out about school right now, take a deep breath, pick one of the top six shows to watch, and enjoy the moment.