How to Snow Day ~ The Right Way

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

ALERT: All of WCPSS schools on Thursday 01/28 will have asynchronous classes due to inclement weather… aka winter is coming and as GH Falcons we must capitalize on this ephemeral moment!

Do you want to build a snowman? Or does the cold bother you on inclement weather days? 

Well, have no fear! Here are ten strategies or activities to have a calming, exciting, and tasty day however you spend it.


Make Snow Cream- 

This tip only requires very little but amazing ingredients. They are as follows: fresh (emphasis on FRESH) snow, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, and some sort of milk product (half-and half, almond milk, light cream, regular milk, whatever!) First simple step in making scrumptious snow cream for your snow day is to gather fresh snow into a large bowl (the larger the better as you’ll be mixing). Next, begin to sprinkle in your sugar and smooth this with a spoon. For this particular serving size you only need one cup. Following this, begin to add in your vanilla extract (1 tablespoon) and your milk product (2 cups) to get a creamy almost ice-cream like consistency! Once all your yummy ingredients have been put and somewhat mixed into the bowl, begin to beat/mix all your ingredients together. I suggest a hand mixer to speed up the process of your snow cream (especially if the snow outside is melting and you have limited supply). After doing so for a little your bowl of cream will look very crumbly and not totally “creamy” yet so continue mixing! After the heat of your mixing (whether that be manually or not) the mixture will begin to thicken and smooth out into a more soft-serve ice cream consistency which is exactly what we want! This can take anywhere from 8-10 minutes of mixing so mix, mix, mix! Finally, once your snow cream has formed into a lovely white snow day treat, eat up! 

Channel your inner Bob Ross and Paint in the Snow-

I recently saw this cool art idea for anyone bored in the house and in the house bored with not only a snow day but a pandemic happening and so this person got together water, squirt bottles, and food coloring. All you have to do is fill the food coloring in your bottles and paint in the snow however you please! Pro Tip: Take Pictures to get featured for the GH Falcon’s snow day highlights or for our school’s GH Talon Yearbook! Can’t wait to see what paint-Picasso’s we have at our school!

Catch Snowflakes-

This also is a great time-consuming activity that keeps you safe at home with social-distancing still occurring. Get out a sheet of black construction paper and stick your (soon to be frigid) hands out to catch any falling snow and look at all the tiny flakes! If you look closely, no two snowflakes are the same and to be honest, this is a pretty engrossing, captivating passtime. If you’re worried the snow will only come out at night, get prepared the night before and set your black sheet of paper somewhere outside safely for you to return to on your snow-day! 

Play in a Snowball Fight-

Get out any of your aggression or bad cases of hypothermia by having a snowball fight with your family/nearby friends! All you have to do is crumble up some snow into a little ball and show off those aiming techniques and throw the cold ball on someone to explode all over them! Then claim your victory as the snowball prodigy and maybe celebrate with some hot chocolate/tea or (if your feeling icy) some delicious snow cream listed at #1!

Have your Tik Tok Moment-

There’s no better occasion to become Tik Tok famous with the ethereal white flakes falling as you film some silly dance or make a snow angel (that you’ll likely regret from freezing)! No matter what you do, it’s fun to capture the snow especially in Wake County where the most we get is small and mostly just ice. 

Stay Inside and Chill (pun intended)-

Cozy up and watch wintery movies or listen to Sia’s “Snowman” if you’re not much of an outside snow-day kinda person! A blanket, a window view to outside, and a warm candle is the perfect equation for a tranquil day indoors. 

Play with your Pets-

Enjoy the day with your furry friends and take them outside to play in the confusing white substance! I do this almost every snowfall with my dogs as they always do different things in the snow and it’s quite entertaining to watch. Plus, the snow that accumulates on their little tail is absolutely adorable to see get shaken off their frozen little body as they prepare to head back inside the house. But, be sure to dress your pets accordingly as it’s cold out there! 

Make your very own Coca Cola Snow Slush-

This delectable drink is pretty self explanatory and less involved as the Snow Cream in terms of ingredients and time to make. All you need is a clean cup to fill, a can/bottle of coca-cola (or other pepsi products to your liking), and fresh debri-less snow! Then grab your cup, pick a place with clean, newly fallen snow and fill it up – then within about 10 seconds (you have to be quick!) pour your soda into the cup to watch the consistency change into a more icee-slush drink to gulp down.

Shovel Snow-

If you have a shovel, warm outerwear, and a knack for some service, be the coolest neighbor or stuard in the community and shovel snow on the roads, driveways, and yards for people. This really goes a long way as many down in NC don’t have proper shovels, can’t stay outside for too long, and the most obvious many many people need to drive on the roads (whether that be on the snow day or soon following). You may even get nicely compensated for your-service which may incentivize your sharp and snowy sweat! 

Indulge in some Hot Cocoa Bombs-

These have been so popular this winter season and are so satisfying to watch explode and to drink! Check out Green Hope senior Maya Westerlund’s very own Cary Cocoa Bomb’s small business to purchase some. Her information/pricing is all included in Maddy and Ameena’s article highlighting small businesses in the Cary/Morrisville area ran by students. Yum! 


Hopefully the snow is all that you wish for and that you try some of my ten tips/activities to make the most of your frosty fleeting moment (we do live in NC…) If YOU take any photographs of yourself or fellow students in the snow be sure to share to us via Instagram @theghfalcon linked here! Otherwise enjoy the snow and as Elsa so famously sings let it go (the cold vibes that is)!