Humans of GH: Sashank Ganapathiraju


Nidhi Patel, Staff Writer

As the class of 2022 (juniors) are almost ready to be seniors, our one of the junior students who is very much involved in our community with his interest in STEM and the music field, reflected back to his years in high school by answering our questions. He shared his amazing journey with us and inspired us on how he handled his junior year (or the 3/4s so far). 


What is one thing that you have learned this year (junior year) that will stick with you for your entire life? 

I think that the #1 thing I learned in junior year is that nothing in life is certain. I know that that’s a common phrase, but this year really exemplified that. Whether that was the length of quarantine, the effects of the pandemic on my family’s and global life, or just my social and academic experiences in general, I know now that we must take things in stride on the longer walk that is life, and not bank on anything as being constant.


As a junior how do you manage to have social and school life? 

I think that the balance comes out naturally; it’s not really something that I plan out. I try to do my best in everything school/academic-related, because to me that’s my highest priority. However, I do value my connection with many of my friends and classmates, so I try to maintain relationships by having conversations with people whenever I can. I think it works out pretty well.


Do you have some plans after high school? If yes, what are they? 

I am prepared to go to college, although I haven’t decided where. I really like the STEM field, so my main goal would be to pursue a major somewhere in that field, but I haven’t exactly narrowed it down to the specifics yet. I do know that whatever I do, I want it to help the community in some way. Additionally, I really enjoy listening to and playing music and plan to keep doing so after high school, so the possibility of also doing something in that field in college isn’t completely out the window.


During these 3 years of high school do you see yourself growing and changing? If yes how?

In some ways. I do find that now I have a lot more self-control and dedication than I did before high school. My experiences both before and after the pandemic began have shaped me as a person in ways that made me think bigger-picture sometimes. I also think that my social life has gotten a lot better these past few years, and I am more involved with the community than I ever was before, even from home.


What is your one favorite memory that you have in GHHS?

There’s actually a lot to choose from. I’d have to say that my favorite memory during my time at GHHS was the orchestra field trip that we took in my freshman year to Busch Gardens in Virginia. I mean, who wouldn’t remember an overnight trip to visit an amusement park on a bus with a bunch of amazing friends and one of the greatest teachers to ever exist on this planet? Not to forget that we won 1st place at the competition there that we played at, which was just the cherry on the icing on the cake.


Finally, there is his few words he would like to share with our community 

Hi, I guess I just want to say hang in there and stay safe. Obviously, no one wants to be in the situation that we’re in right now. We can all work together to get back to normalcy if we work together, support one another, and be responsible. I’d like to thank you guys for the support you have given me as well; couldn’t have made it here without you guys 🙂


Thank you Sashank for sharing your amazing journey with us. We all are so lucky to have you answer our questions. 

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