Massive Snowstorm Leads to Snow Day, Incredible Disruption in Wake County

Lucas Moore, Satire Editor

In the early hours of Thursday, a massive snowstorm made its way through Wake County, causing the first snow day of the year. This odd virtual snow day resulted in the cancelling of live classes. This was very important because if students were attending in-person school they would have had a treacherous commute to the building, as the roads were absolutely blanketed with incredibly small splotches of snow where snowballs had hit the pavement.

Roads in Wake County were made impassable by the traces of snowballs dotted along the pavement (Lucas Moore)

As on any snow day, an army of sled-carrying kids descended on the snowy slopes, majestically soaring through the snow.

Two high schoolers attempting (and succeeding) to sled down a hill (Shea McIntyre)

In addition to sledding, building snowmen is also a common snow day activity. Snowmen constructed on Thursday morning remarkably survived over 24 hours after the storm, looking just as magnificent as when they were constructed!

Some high schoolers relishing the chance to sleep in to the incredibly late time of 8:30 AM were unfortunately too late to frolic in the snow… maybe if they wanted to have fun they should’ve woken up at a more respectable time – such as 3 AM when it was still snowing.