Humans of GH: Colin Briggs

Anaam Amin, Staff Writer

Colin Briggs, Grade 12

In this addition of Humans of Green Hope, we introduce GH senior Colin Briggs. A lover of music, rock, and the classics, he shares his dreams and experiences along with some quality band recommendations. Be sure to check out @humansofgreenhopehighschool on Instagram for more!

“Hi I’m Colin, I’m a senior at Green Hope High School, I guess a big passion of mine is music, I’m a guitarist and bassist, depending on the day of the week, and I’d love to be in a band someday.”

So to start off, how did you first get into music and your dream of being in a band? Did anything in particular inspire you?

“Well about four years ago I started listening to this band called the Beatles, I was really inspired by their music to start learning to play guitar, I was already playing a little bass guitar in my middle school concert band, so for Christmas I ask for a guitar that looked like one of the one that one of the beatles played, John Lennon, who is a very big inspiration of mine, it took me a while to get good a both things but I finally starting to get good at it, it’s been about 3 years since I first started, and I’ve wanted to be in a band so that I could share my skills with other people.”

Have you made any progress or taken any steps so far to reach your goal? How do you plan on fulfilling your dream?

“I’m not sure on how to fulfill my dream, but if I find people who are interested then that would be cool, so I guess the answer so far is no, I haven’t made that much progress yet.”

Have you been involved in any of the music programs at school? I’m sure there’s lots of like-minded people there that share your passion.

“Well towards the beginning of last year I joined this “rock and roll club” and I found a few guys that were interested, but after a few meetups we just stopped doing it for no reason.”

You mentioned the Beatles, are there any other artists that have inspired you or that you just recommend in general?

“Yes!! I’m also a huge Pink Floyd fan, I do recommend a lot of their stuff, they’ve got some really good albums, other artists I could recommend are Queen, The Doors, and The Who, a lot of those bands have also inspired my music playing”

You said that you’re a self taught musician, correct? Do you have any tips/tricks/advice for any people just starting out?

“Yes I am self taught, I guess for tips for people starting out, it does take time, it will hurt your fingers at first, you probably should take the time to learn what each chord is, cause I didn’t do that, and it’s very good to know what it is.”

Great! Is there anything else that you’d like to add or share to readers?

“Uh I think that’s all, thank you for this :)”

Thank you to Colin Briggs for sharing his inspirational passion!