Club Feature: GHHS Neuroscience Club

Join the GHHS Neuroscience club!!

Join the GHHS Neuroscience club!!

Shea McIntyre, Student Life Editor

Do you have any interest in physiology, anatomy, molecular biology, developmental biology, cytology, mathematical modeling, or psychology? Do you have plans to go study that in higher education or meet new friends who also have similar interests? Then JOIN our school’s very own Neuroscience Club!

Down below is all you need to know to become a member!

About The Club:

– Neuroscience Club is a club where members explore the brain, cognitive sciences, and psychology through various fun and interesting activities.

– Our meetings can vary from discussions to games, to share the love for neuroscience.

– We meet every other Thursday during lunch, which is 10:40am!

How To Join:

– There are no specific requirements to join the Neuroscience Club.

– If you would like to be a member this year, please fill out the form below!

– For updates, please join our remind! Code: @8agehd

Club Goals:

– Through this club, one of our main goals is to bring more awareness and knowledge about neuroscience and cognitive abilities.

– We understand that during this time, mental health is one of the most important things and value that into our club.

(This is why, additionally, we will be discussing opportunities to conduct research projects from discussion topics.)

For additional information contact the club email linked here OR contact club representative Ritvika Yeyuvuri with her email linked here!

For prospective members, expect a club website soon for all your updates and meeting needs!