Will you be my Falcontine?


Annie Hu and Ameena Farooqui

Hello Hello Hello Green Hope Students! In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Gh Falcon staff will be playing matchmakers to help you find the perfect person!

We all know the struggle of this quarantine, as most of our love lives have been put on hold. So our staff thought of this fun way you could meet someone! Who knows maybe you will find your future boyfriend/girlfriend! And if anything you could get a new friend out of this! 

Fill out the form below, to help us find someone who shares the same interests as you! Once we make a match you will be emailed with your match and their contact information.

Be sure to share this with your friends to join the fun! Who knows maybe there could be some double dates in your future! Also, definitely reach out to us on our Instagram @theghfalcon if you have any questions or if you’d like to update us on how your match went 🙂

THE FORM: Will you be my Falcontine?

UPDATE 2/12: CHECK YOUR EMAILS FALCONS. If you participated in this year’s Falcontines you should have received an email! HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE 🙂